Introduction: How to Make a C# Application Which Turns Your Screen Into a Cracked One

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Hi, in this tutorial i will show you that how to make a C# application which turns your desktop screen "crack" on button click.

Things you need:-

A cracked screen wallpaper (black)


A computer which supports Visual Studio

Click HERE to download Visual Studio 2010 express

Step 1: Open VS and Create New Project

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First of all , open visual studio and create a new project...

Step 2: Choose Template

Picture of Choose Template

now after you click "new project" , a new windows will open, in that window choose Visual C# option , which is on the left side of that window and when you click that "Visual C#" the templates will appear in front of you ! and after that choose "windows forms application.." template from them , which is on the top and then rename your application by clicking on the bottom line where there is already written "WindowsFormsApplication1" and when you click on it ! you will be able to write your custom name.

Step 3: Creating Form

Picture of Creating Form

Now that you have proceeded ! you shall see a blank gray coloured form.

On that form , add 1 label and 1 button.

add labels and button by searching the tool box which is on the left side of the screen.

just drag and drop ! the tool (/button/Label)

Step 4: Change Label & Button Properties

Picture of Change Label & Button Properties

Now change the properties of the label and button !

for label i will make its AutoSize = False and FontSize = 40

for button i will make FontSize= 30

Step 5: Renaming the Label and Button

Picture of Renaming the Label and Button

now to rename a button ! just head to properties and make its text to your custom text !

and do the same with the label !

Step 6: Add New Form

Picture of Add New Form

now add new windows form by clicking the "project" button on the top ! and then choose

"Add new windows forms...."

and then a new form will pop up !

Step 7: Now Change 2nd Form's Properties

Picture of Now Change 2nd Form's Properties

Now to change the properties of the second form ! go to the properties !

and then search for Opacity option and then beside it you will see the percentage

of the opacity i.e Opacity 100%

now click that digits and then write 80% and then press enter.

and now change the form's borderstyle form Sizeable to None !

and then add the background image to that form ! the cracked one ! Download

(more in pictures)

Step 8: Add Label

Picture of Add Label

now add 1 label to your second form !

and just make it empty ! and make it autosize to false and back color to transparent !

and put it on the top left side of your form but make sure you leave some space

so the user can click it !

(more in picture)

Step 9: Coding for Form2

Picture of Coding for Form2

now double click on the label1 and add this code

new Form1().Show();

Step 10: Coding for Form 1

Picture of Coding for Form 1

now head to the form 1 and double click on the crack button and add this code

new Form2().Show();

Step 11: Finish Now Publish (pt 1)

Picture of Finish Now Publish (pt 1)

now its time to publish your app.

click on the build button on the top and click the publish button !

Step 12: Finish Now Publish (pt 2)

Picture of Finish Now Publish (pt 2)

now when a pop up comes ! then it will ask for choosing the path where you want to save your application !

and then choose your specific path and then click the finish button ! directly !

Step 13: Setup

Picture of Setup

your application's setup will pop up and then you can install your application !

Step 14: How to Install

Picture of How to Install

just double click the setup icon and proceed...

another option will come and that might scare you that ! the publisher is not verified !

But you shouldn't getscare ! just hit the instal button.

Step 15: Tadaa !!!

Picture of Tadaa !!!

you will see, after you click the install button , your personally created application will open automatically !

so your application is done ! and you can have fun using it ! :)


follow me :-



peppypickle (author)2014-11-06

Really interesting - how did you decide to do this? Have you done it to any of your friends phones? Thanks for sharing this with us!

Hi peppypickle, it's a desktop tweak which doesn't work on phones.currently i am teaching things that anyone can do , so not everyone have phones but i guess they at least have computers so i decided to make the work easy for them ! and thanks for liking :)

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