Introduction: How to Make a COILGUN!

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Warning: if you screw up with this you could electricute yourself.

(sorry no plasma)

Step 1: Materials

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for this you will need;

capacitor bank ( follow steps 1,2 & 3)
transformer thing (you can find them on many circuits )
straw regular or coffee


Duct tape

Step 2: The Coil

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use the screwdriver to jam the ferrothing out
stick a straw through the new hole
if the straw doesn't fit uncoil the wire and wrap it around the straw

Step 3: Set It Up

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use alligator clips to clip the leads from the capacitor bank to the coil ends
put a brad (ferrous) into the straw near the coil
charge the bank (the more capacitors the larger the charge time mine has 7 capacitors and take 5 minutes to charge)
flip the switch and fire


hemonthmandava (author)2013-01-18

hy plz tell me the rating of capacitor...:)

JesusG33k (author)hemonthmandava2016-01-09

Get as many as you can with at least 2000uF. The more the better.

cowtipper97 (author)2009-01-21

Finally finished mine! Works really good, but I'm going to add 2 more capacitors to mine for a total of 6 so it shoots faster. I showed my mom and she wasn't happy that I'm making thing that shoot projectiles =/ so I might have it much longer. Anyways nice instuctable rating 5 cause it worked when I made it.

cwleveck (author)cowtipper972014-12-21

wait till you guys get married. I'm 42, 19 years of marriage, it only gets worse. At least you guys have your own room and friends who will hide stuff for wife won't let me watch phinies and ferb because she thinks they are a bad influence on me.

Enjoy your freedom.


junits15 (author)cowtipper972009-02-14

i feel your pain, my mom hates all electronic that i build

west49rules (author)junits152009-02-25

yup me too

me three

Me 4.

kevincai96 (author)bylerfamily2009-06-20

Me 5. What is with moms and high voltage electronics that shoot stuff? :P

jules15 (author)kevincai962011-03-24

Me 6

Mr.Stein (author)jules152011-12-20

Me 7

cowtipper97 (author)kevincai962009-06-22

I dunno. My mom found some schematics to the "worlds smallest shocker" that Plasmana made and asked me what it was. I just told her it was for part of the coil gun cuz she would get SO mad if she found out I made that..

bylerfamily (author)cowtipper972009-07-03

Yeah,my mom don't like shocking devices...

M4industries (author)bylerfamily2009-07-07

Mine neither.

bylerfamily (author)M4industries2009-07-08

We boys on ibles are all alike!Hehe.

toogers (author)bylerfamily2009-07-25

anything with a chance of getting hurt is looked down upon by my mom.

cowtipper97 (author)toogers2009-07-25

yep same here

elmoiq3 (author)cowtipper972009-07-27

normally it's the same with me

sassafras72 (author)elmoiq32009-08-03

lol same here she still doesnt know about my disposable camera tazer :p

renabarai (author)sassafras722011-07-23

I took apart her car and built a tank. She laughed for 2 hours straight. i still have it. it shoots 2 fet in diameter sharpened iron blocks about 150 feet, using a coil gun and 20 car batteries. She buys me the iron.

Brian Wall (author)sassafras722010-08-25

i made one at school and got caught

M4industries (author)Brian Wall2010-10-10

Yikes. What happened to you? If you are so inclined.

digital01 (author)sassafras722009-08-04

About a month ago i put two pieces of tinfoil behind my door handle connected up to two a tv capacitors so my annoying cousin wouldnt come in but instead my mom came to give me my bed sheets and got a huge shock, it was pretty funny at the time but then she took all the electronics out of my room and locked them in a cabinet so im only allowed to use them if my dads around and he knows exactly what im doing. At least i know how to pick locks... :)

Ausi319 (author)digital012009-08-19


squishoso (author)Ausi3192009-08-30

my mom dont realy hates all the electric stuff I do...since I have made some usefull stuff here for her... but she does hate anything that explodes...and I LOVE those stuff...XD

my mom doesn't care as long i do not shoot others LOOOL.

Dude, I just desoldered a cap from a TV and it was the size of my fist. No joke!

a cap from a tv... right... dunno what that is...:D

A cap stands for capacitor, It stores voltage, the ones in TVs can store up to several hundred volts in one charge. The coil gun operates on a few smaller ones but this one...need I say more? XDXD

ah right... LOL, i fail once again.... i had a capcacitor from acomputer from the (electrical :D) stone-age it was like... huge... andit exploded..........

Yeah. Discharge them backwards and they go off like a frag grenade.

yeah, i was glad i had protection... GO SAFETY! btw diddu alrdy make anairrifle once? really cool, just finished mine!

Of course.
Mine leaves a dent in an aluminum sheet .080 thick

i used a huge airtank and a long tube for barrel of 4,5 millimeters itshot trough a plank of 2,5 cm at ease! yay

cowtipper97 (author)M4industries2009-10-15

ohh! awesome im gonna go get a few disposable cameras and try that.. imstupid enough to do it plz dont try to stop me =D

wow nice

the_lark (author)bylerfamily2009-09-28

Or rather, our moms.

M4industries (author)the_lark2009-09-28

Yeah, my class hears the word electricity and they just cower in fear.

the_lark (author)M4industries2009-10-11

at my school they go like: wha...whaaat?.It's amazing how stupid people can be at times.Not saying i'm a genius or anything .I keep burning my self with my soldering iron that's not exactly clever :-p

cowtipper97 (author)the_lark2009-10-15

Yup people do the same thing at my school. when i told them i got asecond degree burn from a soldering iron last week they all asked ifthat was a clothes iron.. gets kinda annoying cuz i have to explane whatit is like 4 times before they stop asking

once a friend of mine actually grabbed the hot end of the iron, not a fun day at the waiting room :(

Makersauce (author)the_lark2010-10-03

i know right?doesen't it also feel good when they say you invented it and they ask you if you can make one for them for a price and you over price it? i hate people who think they know more about you in electronics and they think they're a genius

Stuffses (author)kevincai962009-08-31

my mom let me make a tesla coil that made a few million volts of electicity. it was cool.

Makersauce (author)junits152010-07-26

yeah me too and my room is so messy

Same here...

Brian Wall (author)Makersauce2010-08-25

i hide stuff under my bed

andrew101 (author)junits152009-02-18

its not my mom for me. its my dad lol

mo5 (author)andrew1012009-08-19

that's sad

LaxLuvr (author)andrew1012009-02-27

haha, all moms seem to be the same way! they hate stuff when they don't understand it! My mom hates most of my electronic projects(wait til she sees the oil burner transformer I ordered) I'm going to use the transformer for a jacobs ladder. and im 13.

kevincai96 (author)LaxLuvr2009-06-20

I FEEL YOU!!!! I'm 13 too, so my mom got pissed when I made a 13 stage coilgun (to honor my age, of course), and shot a hole in the garage door. It was minor, of course (only 2mm), but she was pissed. I still can see the epoxy patched hole, and I smile.

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