How to Make a Cake Pop With Rainbow Stripes





Introduction: How to Make a Cake Pop With Rainbow Stripes

This is my tutorial on how to make cake pops that have rainbow stripes on the inside. I also show how to make a small rainbow cake. These make a fun St. Patrick's Day dessert.

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Step 1: Ingredients and Tools (for the Rainbow Cake Pop)

This image shows the things that I used to make the rainbow pops.
A rolling pin also comes in handy.  The most important tool is a round 1.25" to 1.5" cookie cutter.
This recipe makes about 14 rainbow pops (if you make 6 layers of color and use a 1.5" cookie cutter).

Step 2: The Cake Pop Mixture

Bake a white cake (I used a box of white cake mix). Cut off some of the darker edges. Then crumble it up and mix in
3 large spoons of white frosting. You should end up with a cookie dough-like consistency. Break this up into 5 or 6 pieces (this
depends on how many colors you want to use).

Step 3: Food Colors

I used a couple of brands of food coloring. These colors work well to make the rainbow stripes. If you use different ones, be careful because sometimes colors will look dull. So, in this step, mix the food coloring into the 6 separate pieces of dough with latex gloves.

Step 4: Assemble Layers

Roll one of the colors out or flatten with your hands until it's about .25" thick.
Then use a 1.25"-1.5" round cookie cutter to punch out the sections which will make up the layers.
Stick the circles together with a little water. You can use white frosting if you want fine white lines between the layers.
Sticks: Put the sticks in half way. Use Wilton six inch COOKIE (correction from video where I say Cake sticks) sticks which are thicker than their lollypop sticks. Prop the pops on their heads and freeze them for a few hours. Now try to say "Prop the Pops" five times really fast. Ha ha!

If you want to make a rainbow pop that's on the smaller and lighter side than the one I made,
try using a cookie cutter that's 1.25" round and/or
only use 5 layers instead of 6 (I suggest leaving out the blue)

Step 5: Dipping

After they're frozen, dip into melted baking chocolate (Yum!). Put into a foam stand and refrigerate until the coating is dry.

Step 6: Rainbow Cake Idea

This is another idea for what you can make with this technique. Instead of 1.5 inch circles, I cut out 3 inch circles, assembled the pieces to make a miniature cake, and then I froze it. After that, I covered the whole thing with chocolate. One  small slice is probably enough to serve to one person. Slice the cake or the cake pops with a sharp knife and it's best to do this after it comes out of the refrigerator.

Have fun!

Related links:
My YouTube Channel is called SparkedIdeas-


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These are very cool! I can't wait till Saint Patrick's Day to try them! Maybe I'll try them even before that!

Oh, yum! They look to good to eat!

I’ve just tried this and had difficulty making the colors stand out. I bought fresh food coloring last week and it still looks dull. How did you make it look bright?

Hi Boygasmo, It's too bad that you ran into trouble. Did you use the same brands and colors that I used? Also, the cake needs to pretty light, that's why I cut off those edges. If you didn't do that then maybe the cake's color interfered with the food coloring colors.

I noticed that some types of food color don't work well. Like the regular McCormick blue looked dull so I didn't use it.

If you want to use your own food coloring in the future, I suggest doing tests on small balls of dough first before applying it to a bigger piece.

Hopefully you'll have more luck the next time! It's neat when the colors do pop out.

Oh, and it's best to start with say a cake mix that's white and not off white or yellow.

Very clear instructions- I love the idea!