The best snow sculptures were not created in the snow outside, but inside with paper and a pen by Bill Watterson. Some of his best strips were his snowman ones, and so after reading Calvin and Hobbes for so long; I decided to actually make one of the snowmen that Calvin made. You will enjoy making a snowman that was once seen by millions in the paper now in your yard. This is gauranteed to impress the neighborhood.

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

For this project you really don't need much, and it is easy to substitute items. We substituted some of the common items for things you would find at your workshop or at home.
For the tools we used:
                - woodsaw
                - shovel
                - a pair of hands

The materials include:
               - snow (obviously)
               - carrots (we used orange markers instead)
               - coal (we used electrical tape)
               - pebbles or small rocks
               - twigs

<p>I loved Calvin and Hobbes, buty how did one small kid make so many snowmen!!</p>
Imagine what other people will think<br> &quot;I have to lay back on the egg nog'
Nice sculptures.
i am stupentus MAN!!!!!!!!!!
Uhhh... It's stupendous man, if you are referring to the strip.
oh sorry i waz only 9 at the time i wasent a good speller <br>
Thank you all for you comments. Buteomont, I like your idea of spray paint, I will definitely do it next year. Kelseymh, it would be my dream come true if Mr. Watterson even saw these, but I doubt that will happen. Thank you all for commenting, and make sure to vote please!
Don't hurt earth, use food colouring or something nature friendly.
Food coloring in spray bottles works great. My grandchildren enjoyed spraying the snow last year. I went to my neighbor's house and sprayed his name in VERY large letters on his lawn. The mailman loved it.<br>
I did this sorta think last year but it was a snowman on a toilet with a real newspaper i was proud of my accomplishment my parents not so much haha
LOL! That's why you have parents - to roll their eyes! In my case, my kids disown me!
sounds cool.
You might enjoy this - http://www.tor.com/blogs/2011/12/your-daily-moment-of-snowman-carnage-zen?WT.mc_id=0
I wish I had a photo of the one I did of the snow man (laying on his back) with the tree coming up through his mid-section. It was a big neighborhood hit!!
I think this was one of Calvin's Snowman House of Horror sculptures as well. I really need to try some of this stuff this winter. <br>
i would love to see a picture! It sounds cool.
This is great! I have been doing Calvin inspired snowmen too!<br> <br> <img src="http://www.gardenfantasma.com/livejournal/images/snowman.jpg"> <img src="http://www.gardenfantasma.com/livejournal/images/snowday02_13_10.jpg">
how do u put a pic on a comment??
Dude that is hilarious!!!
HILARIOUS! Wow, these are creative, too. I'd like to make my own too inspired by Calvin and Hobbes. Great job!
Thanks and Thank you for the idea about the duct tape for eyes! I have been using charcoal and it is messy and doesn't stay in place.<br>This was a great instructable!
I made 1 last winter. he was lying on the ground with an arrow in his chest. it was funny.
10,000 views today. Thank you everyone for the comments and still enjoying my work.
Excellent job! Did you see if cars slowed down to look at your masterpiece?<br> <br> <a href="http://www.wagnerstudios.org/Calvin_and_Hobbes_Snowmen.htm">Here are a bunch to inspire! </a>
big collection of comics!
Yeah, cars stopped all right. Thanks for the Calvin and Hobbes strips!<br>
You might have seen my Instructable on How To Build A Calvin and Hobbes Snowman. For the second Snow Contest, I want the members of the Instructable's community to decide what I build. Post a comment saying what your favorite Calvin and Hobbes snowman strip is. I'll pick whatever strip that the most people want and try to build it. The packing snow is good now, so post a comment soon before it's too late. Make sure you post a comment where I can see it. <br>Thanks everyone,<br>Splazem<br>P.S. If you can remember what book the strip if from, that would be great. Or a picture of the strip would be helpful too.<br>
i love the snowman he makes with his middle section blow out and there's a cannon behind it
Wasn't there other snowmen getting killed, too?
Excellent job! Did you see if cars slowed down to look at your masterpiece?<br><br>Next you should try the one where Calvin's dad's car has &quot;hit&quot; a snowman and the other snow people look on in horror! That one is priceless!
that one is my favrite, i wanted to make it but i live on a backroad so no one could ever see it
it would still be cool to make, though
I find myself recalling one Calvin and Hobbes strip where his father gets out of his car to find a company of small snowmen at attention, saluting him.
And Calvin's dad hates it. I like that strip.
Back when I was a kid I made snow goons every year.<br>http://www.littlebrown.co.uk/assets/images/EAN/Large/0751509337.jpg
I've read every single comic, most more than once. My absolute favorite is when Calvin arranges one snowman so it looks like it got hit by his dad's car. I love the expression of the two other snowmen as they stare in disbelief...<br><br>
I've read every strip too. I like that one, but I don't know if it would be my favorite.
New Year's Day 2004 - First Snow<br><br>PS, excellent work ...<br><br>
Awesome. That's pretty funny.
Thank you everyone for the nice comments and for voting. Good luck to everyones who is a finalist!
Then there was this sculpture at Michigan Tech:
I saw this before, but its awesome. Thanks for the picture octochan!
Hi, I keep seeing the comment about &quot;voting&quot; for this, but not seeing where to click to actually register a vote!? (maybe I need glasses, I know...). &quot;Calvin &amp; Hobbes&quot; is of course my favorite comic, as it is for everyone - I had bought all the little books as they came out during the late 80's and 90's before Bill Watterson quit drawing them. They were essential part of the dating process for my husband and I (we're just weird that way)...would just read them out loud to each other and cackle!! Anyway I'll vote for this but not sure where. We'll probably make our own as soon as the snow thaws out enough from the deepfreeze to actually make snowballs. Right now it's pretty much petrified ice!! Thanks for doing the instructable, it's very funny!!
Thanks for the nice comment msdrpepper. You can't vote anymore, but before if you looked at view entries, you would see something that said vote now.
I did a remake of Calvin's 'snowman hit by a car' one, with the base snowball in front of the car, the middle resting on both the base and the front of the car, and the head halfway formed on the windshield. It got some pretty strange looks from people driving past...

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