Okay when my grandma took me to Starbucks for the first time I asked for a White Chocolate Mocha and she ordered me a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. I tasted it and I feel in love instantly. When I told dad about my new craving he was upset that the drink was so expensive. So this Christmas my dad got my mom a nice blender, and it hit me, "Why should pay so much for a drink that I could make in my home for just the price of the coffee I use.
So with a little experimenting and previous knowledge of blended drinks I have come up with a recipe that is equal (and in my opinion is better) than name brand.  

Step 1: Your Cofffee

Okay since the goal here is to save money, don't go and use Starbucks coffee. I mean if that is what you use regularly than do, but I like Dunkin Donuts.
Okay here is the ratio I use to make this drink.
1  part double strength coffee
2 parts ice
So if you use 1 cup of coffee use two cups of ice
1 cup of coffee is enough for two people, for a single serving I use 6 oz. of water and two Tbsp. of coffee grounds and 12 oz of ice 

This is awesome but it is really awesome if you use espresso instead of drip coffee and make your own syrup at home instead of using plain sugar...it tastes just like starbucks and the syrup is super easy! Love this recipe though!

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