Step 7: The Trigger and the Trigger Guard

Get a thin but long(ish) piece of cardboard. Squish it between your fingers to flatten it a bit.
This will be the trigger guard. Don't make the length exact so you can actually glue it to the grip thing and the bottom of the long part. Anyway now, Glue it to the grip thing, folding it a little so there is some support.

Make a trigger, just a piece of cardboard shaped like a half crescent. Glue it to the bottom of the long part right before it meets the trigger guard. When it is dry, glue the rest of the trigger guard to the long part.
<p>please can you email it to me at gallagherduncan@yahoo.co.uk. no longer aviable at mediafire.</p>
&nbsp;you can dowload the template for the ak47 here:<br /> <br /> <a id="fck_paste_padding"><span class="Apple-style-span" style="color: rgb(0,0,0);font-family: arial , sans-serif;font-size: 17.0px;border-collapse: collapse;white-space: pre;">http://download128.mediafire.com/vmnjmec12ojg/rycnldoidfm/AK47-papercraft.rar</span></a><br />
<p>please may you send your template to losleaner@outlook.com</p>
I'm here looking at how much an ak-47 cost with only 3 dollars XD
so did your friends hate u for making a gun that was not invented yet?
<p>yea u r right</p>
i want to buy a real one
1800 for the gun, plus a 1000 dollar license to own ONE fully automatic rifle, 100 dollars to get into a range that allows fully autos, and another 100-750 if you actually want to service it.<br/><br/>Also, NATO rounds are expensive as hell.\<br/><br/>Loving to put the light on things,<br/><hr/>
or you could get a semi auto only one for ~$600 and the ammo isnt that expensive($.25 per round compared to the $1 per round that regular hunting ammunition is)
Dude, shotgun shells are a dollar apiece. Hunting rounds are less than 50c. But, I mean, come on, who wants a Civ AK-47? (Did you know that .50 BMG rounds can be more than 4.50 a piece? They come in boxes of ten.)
where i live all hunting rifle ammo is $1 or more, shotgun shells range from $.23 to $1 depending on what kind of shot it is .50 BMG ammo is about $3 a round where i live i would have bought a civilian ak but i bought an sks instead
Whoa, I didn't know it was THAT expensive to own/maintain a gun. Do you really have to renew your license every year?
Oh, no, no way!<br/><br/>We are talking about fully automatic AK 47's which need a 1000 dollar automatic weapons license renewed every 1 or 2 years, plus the actual gun which can go well above 1800... But, You can buy a Ruger10/22 or an SKS for... hmm... 200? 300? Then a look-alike-conversion kit for a hundred, or two hundred... but it's still a Civ Ak, meaning only semi auto. Generally the AK kits use real parts from an AK that were CNC'd. (Laser cutting stuff)<br/><br/>But, if you just want to go hunting deer, a decent remington rifle would be about 580, then a good scope would be 30-50, gun oil, 2.50, A case of ammunition, (A case is 50 boxes, boxes contain 25 or 20 rounds. A round is, well, a bullet.) can get up to 80-90 cents a piece for a 30-06 catridge, which Im assuming Kush_Slayer is shooting.<br/><br/>I own a Mossberg 500, (A shotgun,) and the shells are less than a rifle catridge! I can get 25 shells for 7 dollars! <br/><br/> But truly, shotguns and rifles don't require much matinence, only after you shoot them should you clean them.<br/><br/>Anyways, *steps off soapbox* you should get one. Or even a BB or pellet gun, those are great fun as well.<br/>-PKT<br/><br/>
Or you could get one for 50 cents in Somalia.
A civilian transferable AK-47 would set you back around $16,000 and require a one time $200 tax stamp. The $1000 dollars you mention is for a license to sell fully automatic weapons. The license would allow you to own dealer sample weapons, weapons that are not transferable to civilians.
i may be wrong but i can get ak47 all day long for aout 1/16th of that price perhaps its where you live . try these guys too bad i cant get a discount for sending them customers . of course if you are talking fully automatic thats different but i still dont think the price is that high .these guys sell a lot of stuff .arizona is a fairly lenient state <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.jgsales.com/index.php/rifles/ak-47-and-rpk-rifles/cPath/209_214">http://www.jgsales.com/index.php/rifles/ak-47-and-rpk-rifles/cPath/209_214</a><br/>
sorry the gun dislayed and all the other types run about 400- 700 dollars
Just do a search for class 3 weapons and you will see you can't even get a civilian transferable full-auto MAC 10 for less than $3000.
Also, a very fun program to play with, <a rel="nofollow" href="http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/">http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/</a><br/><br/>-PKT<br/>
That's a lot of money for something you can't really use as self defence as quickly as like a handgun or something. How much is a license(for owning guns in general, not for the actual gun) anyway?
Uhh... Nothing as far as I'm concerned. The Second Amendment gives you the right. Assuiming, you aren't in the USA, I won't rant about how our goverment sucks. -PKT
I'm unsure what the license is in european countries, or otherwise. -PKT
wow to me thats really cheap
u can mod them to full auto
You mean if you plan on buying it legally :)
its called barrel gas block cover reciever bannana mag grip stock
Clip=Smg/rifle <br>Magazine=Pistol <br>:)
Yea i was still learning guns at the time now i know much more :D
I &lt;3 this I grew up In Russia so this means alot to me
add an airsoft gear box mech for it to shoot
haha i give you props for making it through this without knowing anything about the parts of a gun:) still pretty sick im gonna try this with other guns
:D. I will make something(also a gun) then paint it.
how old are you, i never heard of a school project that required an AK-47, well besides somalia
lol 1. barrel/part of gasblock. 2. hand guard/shroud. 3. reciever. 4.butt stock (or stock) 5. grip/handle/whatever. 6. ya banana mag. nice tut btw. it would be even cooler if there was an included template
its a rainbow! literally! but seriously, why is it curving
Huh? What do you mean by its a rainbow? And what is curving?
The whole gun, it's melting, like, the parts aren't glued on too very well, so every part is hanging...get it?
AKs look like that dude, it's because of the angle of the stock.
is prolly cuz it wasnt glued properly
but does it have working parts ???
*Sigh*<br>Barrel-22.7<br>receiver(well the metal and wooden thing in the middle)-41.6cm<br>and the stock- 22.7 cm<br>handle thing(wooden thing I thought was part of reciver?)-15.1cm<br><br>the grip-9.5cm<br>banana magazine-20cm at longest possible measurement.<br><br><br>Measurements! Usefulness!
could you put the measurements for the one you used for someone in grade school
the long part is called the recevier btw
i made a battle rifle using this technique, ty mate! (halo 3 BR)<br />
pretty badass... how long did it take you?
8 mins max
About two hours each. Its pretty easy, but the cutting of the pieces is hard.
Really cool. Can you send me a really good template by replying and attaching it?<br /> <br /> PS: What grade are you in?<br />

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