Step 3: The Legs and Arms.

Take your strips and cut them in half, then fold them in half. Now, poke holes at the tops of them, and insert a paper fastener through. Take the stubs of the main body and poke a hole through there, put the paper fastener in, and bend the fastener back so it stays. Add each additional limb this way, then it's time to customize him/her!
thanx for the idea. im makeing an ironman actionfigure at home cause im broke. by the way u need to paint it. its got no karakter. looks good though. i like the idea and im going to try it. thanx 4 the idea
Wow, someone that likes it. :) You're welcome, btw. Show me a picture of your figure when it's done!
yah i could've done much better
No offence, but its kinda lame.

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