For this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to make your very own cardboard action figure from scratch! All you need are a few things you can probably find around the house. When you're done, why not make him some clothes or glasses?
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Step 2: The main Body

I took the first shape and cut it out. This will be the main body and head.
Then, I took the edges of the cardboard and cut a good sized width off each side. These will be his/her limbs. Before you cut, make sure they are twice as long as each arm/leg will be.

Step 3: The legs and arms.

Take your strips and cut them in half, then fold them in half. Now, poke holes at the tops of them, and insert a paper fastener through. Take the stubs of the main body and poke a hole through there, put the paper fastener in, and bend the fastener back so it stays. Add each additional limb this way, then it's time to customize him/her!

Step 4: Now, customize!

I gave my guy a Sharpie tie, briefcase, shoes, and bent the fastener that held the briefcase in place into a watch. You can do whatever you want though :) Make him a knight, a spaceman, a photographer, a police officer, a video game character, a monkey, a caveman, a superhero, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Have fun! :-D