In this Instructable I will teach you how to make a stylish Top- hat out of cardboard and tape! (And a few other easily obtainable items.)

Materials used:

- Cardboard
- Tape
- Scissors/Box-cutter
- Paint
- Pencil/Pen
- Compass

Step 1: Making the Brim for the Hat!

On a thick piece of Cardboard measuring 52cm x 52cm (Minimum), poke a hole in the middle. Grab a compass and make a trace a hole 21cm in diameter and another 50cm in diameter. Cut out the center and cut around the larger circle (MAKE SURE TO KEEP CENTER CUT OUT). And now you're finished the Brim!
thanks man, you may have just saved me. i need to come up with a top hat for tomorrow, and this i can do. the duct tape ones were nice, but too time consuming.
Much cooler than the ones we made... well done! L
the one in the middle looks like abe Lincoln... tell him to go to the opera! <br />
&nbsp;thank you for this suggestion...........its realy helpful to me......Thank You Very Much
Awesome! I all ready made 6 using your instructions! Thanks for posting it!
Six of them? Are you planning on having a Top-hat party?
A party? No! We were thinking more of an EXSTRAVAGANZA!!!!!

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