Step 4:

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Now it's time to work on the lids that will hold the lights.

I documented the steps I took to create our first chandelier, since then I have refined the process a bit and will include tips I have learned from successive productions.  

For this first fixture I purchased 6" lengths of steel nipples and cut the 1" sections I needed with a circular saw/ grinder with a fiber wheel.  I recommend threading a nut on your nipple before you begin cutting so that when you are done you will be able to "rethread" your cut section by removing the nut.  I purchased these materials from Home Depot.

Since then I have found a local hardware that specializes in repairing chandeliers and lamps that carries individual nipples in 1/4" increments.  Now I buy as many as I need in whatever length I desire and don't have to worry about fouling threads or sparks.