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This Instructable shows you how to make a Chat Room with the free windows application called Notepad. This program was not copied and pasted, it was made from scratch, you can copy and paste it (If you do not want to learn the code). What did I make? I made a chat room with notepad, I just used my computer. How did I make it? l read a few tutorials, and over time I built up knowledge on how to create multiple different operable batch files. I made this all by my self (with a little help from "Prof. Pickle"), the "plans" are always changing I keep adding more pieces to it. that is what I love about programming, you can just keep changing it and evolving it. Where did you make this? I made this at my house. (I did not want to have to buy any new computers, I did not have to at home). What did you learn? ​I learned more codes and commands, I am developing and advancing in my hobby. I am just proud of the fact that i made this all by myself, and that it is so big of a code (i know it is not that big, I just want to think it is). if I was to do it "again," I would add effect to make the background and text more attractive. For the chat room to work you must know the IP address of the persons computer that you want to send the message to. This chat room is password protected, and if a hacker tries to hack it it jokes around with them.  Enough of this, lets get on to the code. 
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hey shotgunshane!
i went through the tutorial...i wrote the code....then rechecked with ur code...but for some reason m having the same problem as fudge26...i also checked and disabled the firewall on both computers but it yet does not work!please help

This is something called Net Send. It is only on Windows XP and older versions of Windows. Windows 7 and above won't work. It has nothing to do with your firewall. I hope this helped you understand why it isn't working. :)

If your running anything above windows vister than the code wont work because the program the code calls to send your message uses net send command which is not supported in windows vister and above. If you use the msg command(Will need to check sytax) it should work since that is what microsoft replaced the netsend command with

albertn33 months ago
johnc474 months ago

where do i find the IP adress to send a message to someone else and what do i do after i find that....email me at jjr43991@gmail.com

coolguy17454 months ago

Nice, but "net send" was a thing back in Windows 2000 to Windows XP. Now that it's removed, what are we supposed to do?

NoahH14 months ago

This would not work Either way.

1) You have to enable the 'services' as Admin

2) You have the code rigged so it says that it could not he sent!

net send %n% %m% 2>nul||echo Your message did not go through && pause

where it has a '>' symbol that means to not run the command but put it in a file and you told it to put it some ware+ you Told it to say it did not send

3) This seems to be a joke/prank to every one!

shotgunshane (author)  NoahH14 months ago
And the code is not rigged to not send, the > does not tell the computer to not run the command you are incorrect.
shotgunshane (author)  NoahH14 months ago
This actually used to work on older versions of windows, however many of the arguments have seemed to have lossed support in versions of windows above seven. It is not a joke or a prank
Gouanaco.5 months ago

This wont work on pretty much most school networks. Net Send is a old XP command that doesn't work on Windows 7 and above. Also most school networks block remote connections.

There is another way. I have done it myself. Me and my friends chat during class its funny as XD. But netsend doesn't work. If anyone wants to know how i did it, flick me a reply here. Its mainly todo with school shared drives and txt files :)

~ Gouanaco

ShaneS6 Gouanaco.5 months ago

Please tell us how!!!

Gouanaco. ShaneS65 months ago
Ok ShaneS6

Ill tell you how :)

I coulnd't type all of my comment on here. But here is a link to my shared drive.


The readme tells you everything you need to know plus the v5 folder will have everything you need :D

Feel free to ask any questions.
ShaneS6 Gouanaco.5 months ago
Well crap, we each have individual network drives, no shared.
Gouanaco. ShaneS65 months ago

Eh, badluck. You can't do much with individual network drives unless!

You find out the network name and password for the drives. Your gonna have to google how to do that though, its different for each windows version.

Windows 7 i think is you have to connect to a shared folder that is also hidden on the network. But you need to know the password, and what the actual folder is called :/

Mine is something like firstname.lastname.MH78HGD8G2(random numbers and chars)@domainname

so its annoying to find lol.

But goodluck :)

shotgunshane (author)  Gouanaco.5 months ago

haha yes I did this when I was in middle school but our network administrator found it and I got a detention for creating it but everyone that used it just got to walk away. It made me mad

haha nice xD

So far ive only handed it out to a few people. We've been using it for about a couple of months now.

I don't think the admin minds, i know him personally and hes into that sorta stuff. He's probably monitering my progress on it XD

Ayush Chinmay5 months ago

I have another working prank code:


@echo off


md %random%

goto top


WARNING: do not open this file on your desktop please.........

save this file in a desktop and then open it

It just creates many folders.......... but just in case you create it in C: drive, desktop or any other drive and it affects you, I WONT BE RESPONSIBLE

If you think that is bad you should see some of the bat files i made when i was bored :D

shotgunshane (author)  Ayush Chinmay5 months ago
That could cause some major problems... But is really cool
chaudhary85 months ago

what we right in user

DredP5 months ago

It keep telling me that my message could not be sent, or something along those lines.

Am I doing something wrong here?

shotgunshane (author)  DredP5 months ago
If Thee code is verbatim, it should work, you could try turning off your firewall. This may not work in versions of windows above windows 7
RitikR15 months ago

Hi, can anyone please tell me how to connect with another person and that does the other user need this code in order to work out the messenger?


monty156 months ago

hi were do you put the ip address? my one said echo "MESSENGER" insted of it without caps

RileyM37 months ago

it's actually not that much code

Fudge267 months ago

Hello Shotgunshane
I am having a few problems with this, i have copy and pasted the code into the notepad doc then change it to batch file and ran it, for the most part it works, but when i type in and ip and the try to send a message to that ip it always comes up as did not send, it seems to never send, i tried this over LAN as well and still couldn't send. any ideas? Fudge26

shotgunshane (author)  Fudge267 months ago
It seems that there is something preventing the message from going through your computer to your router and to the other computer. This could potentially be because of a computer firewall, a network firewall, or possibly a network blacklist. You need to check your firewall settings and your router settings. See if that helps.

I know what the problem is, It has nothing to do with the fire wall, it is because the code uses net send command which is only use able in windows xp and below therefor in windows 8, i.e. what i'm using, it doesn't work. the net send command was taken out of vister and above. Fudge

Thanks for the help, ill see if i can get it working. Fudge

hey shotgunshane!
i went through the tutorial...i wrote the code....then rechecked with ur code...but for some reason m having the same problem as fudge26...i also checked and disabled the firewall on both computers but it yet does not work!please help

jordans39 months ago

i need some help with prgramming with notepad, anyone help?

email: jordans.alpha527@gmail.com

ezekieljd1 year ago

How do I make it work? I made the program just like you said, but when i reach the final step:


What do I type now? Should i enter my IP address or my friend's IP address? I'd like some kind of walkthrough, if possible.

shotgunshane (author)  ezekieljd1 year ago

you need to enter their IP address, underneath messenger. that should make it work

can i use my ip adress

I tried that but it still didnt work for me ive copied it exactly as it says

JordanM110 months ago

how do i get it to actually send a message

It just says "message did not get through..."

jordank1 JordanM19 months ago

my name is jordan last is krishnayah im 8

shotgunshane (author)  JordanM110 months ago

You may have not written the code correctly this would cause it to not work quite right.

shotgunshane (author) 2 years ago
Ask me if you want me to put your instructable in my guide to bat file programming.

please add this for hackers

echo off











goto a

its a virus thing dont use it for you though sorry its not advaned im just 8

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