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This Instructable shows you how to make a Chat Room with the free windows application called Notepad. This program was not copied and pasted, it was made from scratch, you can copy and paste it (If you do not want to learn the code). What did I make? I made a chat room with notepad, I just used my computer. How did I make it? l read a few tutorials, and over time I built up knowledge on how to create multiple different operable batch files. I made this all by my self (with a little help from "Prof. Pickle"), the "plans" are always changing I keep adding more pieces to it. that is what I love about programming, you can just keep changing it and evolving it. Where did you make this? I made this at my house. (I did not want to have to buy any new computers, I did not have to at home). What did you learn? ​I learned more codes and commands, I am developing and advancing in my hobby. I am just proud of the fact that i made this all by myself, and that it is so big of a code (i know it is not that big, I just want to think it is). if I was to do it "again," I would add effect to make the background and text more attractive. For the chat room to work you must know the IP address of the persons computer that you want to send the message to. This chat room is password protected, and if a hacker tries to hack it it jokes around with them.  Enough of this, lets get on to the code. 
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I cracked the password!!!

If you want to get it email me at


Nobody wants to contact you. If you look in the codes, you can see it says "1234". geez its not a discovery. Its so easy. Its in the code.

Nobody wants to contact you. If you look in the codes, you can see it says "1234". geez its not a discovery. Its so easy. Its in the code.

Nobody wants to contact you. If you look in the codes, you can see it says "1234". geez its not a discovery. Its so easy. Its in the code.

boakyee24 days ago

i have a problem with the password input, i don't understand anything here.

If i enter any password the cmd will say access denied

ewei2 months ago

It doesn't work for me. in the third to last line, when i take out the

2>nul||echo Your message did not go through && pause

it gives me a syntax error.

ezekieljd7 months ago

How do I make it work? I made the program just like you said, but when i reach the final step:


What do I type now? Should i enter my IP address or my friend's IP address? I'd like some kind of walkthrough, if possible.

shotgunshane (author)  ezekieljd7 months ago

you need to enter their IP address, underneath messenger. that should make it work

I tried that but it still didnt work for me ive copied it exactly as it says


Put Your EXternal Ipv4 out in the user part of the batch file

It wont send a message anywhere, even myself :P Is it made to actually send or just be an interesting idea?

spoocane7 months ago

how does it work

shotgunshane (author)  spoocane7 months ago
it uses the other users ip address and sends them an instant message.
cabbageman7 months ago

this is grate love the bit at the end

shotgunshane (author)  cabbageman7 months ago
excel1599 months ago
how to make it work ??
look i have created the messenger as per the instructions
and when i reach the final step
what should i do know ?! should i enter my ip address or my friend's ip address !
please elaborate it further.... i want some kind of walk through
P.S i haven't edited the program. Shall i edit it as per your command?
excel1599 months ago
Hey i need some help ! please help me
my only question is how to make the password work. I'm not a very advanced at programming and this is probably my 5th program. could somebody please explain?
danialkk1 year ago
hey can you help me please what is bs cs and it is easy field i want to go in computer sciend i heard that programming is very difficult or very tough it is true?????/
shotgunshane (author)  danialkk1 year ago
Like he said, it takes time and practice, if you work at it it will become easier. Programming can be very tedious depending on the language that you are using. try it out, it might be fun for you!
As the old saying goes, "There's 10 types of people out there..." If you're passionate about programming, it won't be hard at all.
Otherwise, I admire what you did here.
shotgunshane (author)  shuffle_bot I_I1 year ago
thank you
I think you meant "You're a hacker"
Not "your"
My biggest pet peeve.
Like most code, this could be smaller. I found some errors in the code. When you put blank echos in, it outputs the current echo setting. I'm assuming that by putting in echo without any message, you're trying to get a blank line. You should actually put in echo. (unless you want weird messages).

One more question you should have in the introduction is "What are the limitations of this script?".

Some improvements would be error handling in case the message didn't come through, such as exporting the error message to a text file named "err001.txt" or something like that, as well as notifying the user that the message didn't go through.

One of the most important things you forgot to mention is what language you wrote it in. I know it's tagged, but what if someone gets inspired and wants to learn it.

Any way, nice 'ible and I'm looking forward to more.
shotgunshane (author)  Prof. Pickle1 year ago
thanks I will work on it, if you know how to tell if the message did not go through can you please tell me and i will get this going for the instructabuilders. Thanks Shotgunshane
There are several methods you can use. The easiest would probably be to put double pipes after the command and suppress the error message.
So, the following should work wonders.

net send %n% %m% 2>nul||(
echo Your message failed to go through

Or, to fit it all on one line

net send %n% %m% 2>nul||echo Your message did not go through && pause

Good luck.
shotgunshane (author)  Prof. Pickle1 year ago
if i get it to work, i don't really understand that
I'll try to explain.

The "2>nul" sends the error message you would get if the command failed to the nul operator (basically it stops it from being displayed).

The code after the double pipes (||)are executed only if the command didn't work.

The "&&" in the second section of code will be executed only if the first one was successful.

Hope that helps.
where do you put that command in the code?
The third last line: net send %n% %m%
shotgunshane (author)  Prof. Pickle1 year ago
i think i put it in the right place, correct me if i am wrong and i deleted some of the blank echos from the script.
Did you try it? You're almost correct. Instead of placing it on the third last line, it should have replaced the third last line. So it should look something like

set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m% 2>nul||echo Your message did not go through && pause
Goto A

Nice try though :)
Take out the Pause before Goto A if you don't want a double PAUSE :-)
shotgunshane (author)  Prof. Pickle1 year ago
Ok finally got it thanks, but it has a double pause, and when I take one out it messes up. thanks for getting me straight on that one thought.
I think that's an error on my part. Try replacing the double ampersands with just one (net send %n% %m% 2>nul||echo Your message did not go through && pause turns into net send %n% %m% 2>nul|||echo Your message did not go through & pause). See if that works.
shotgunshane (author)  Prof. Pickle1 year ago
seems to me that you have a hobby for making bat scripts to!
shotgunshane (author)  Prof. Pickle1 year ago
thanks i will credit you
shotgunshane (author) 1 year ago
If you make this, vote for the contests and feel free to comment!
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