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I created this while playing badminton with my dad outside. It just came to me so here is how to make a cheap,easy AC unit.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

The materials are below in the image. If the captions don't show up here: Tin foil, duct tape, paper plate, scissors, clear plastic wrap, salt (lowers melting point, basic chemistry), and finally ice.
So how does this cool off a room?
This would hardly help to cool someone down. <br>A wet frozen towel on the head would work better.<br>But good job anyways :P
Might try this for my room.
hey lemonie stop being such a downer.
Do you move air over this at all (like with a fan)? L
What do you mean?
Do you blow air over the ice to circulate cold around the room, or do you just let natural air currents cool the space? L
just let it stay, unless you would add a fan to the mix which would make the room cooler but dystroy the whole purpose of this tutorial.
Thanks, if I understand you correctly, there's no fan because this is cheap and easy? Have you measured how effective this is (e,g, with a thermometer)? L
I tryed but the only thermometer was a medical (ear?) one and didn't work out too well, my cousin then did a before and after test, 3.5 out of 5 for it's coolingness, 6 out of 5 for weirdness.
Well it's easy - you don't mess with expensive copper-pipe and stuff. L

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