How to Make a Chewbacca Domo





Introduction: How to Make a Chewbacca Domo

Of all the things I’ve made on my channel to date, this one has turned out the closest to what I had in my imagination when I first thought of the idea.

I’ve made many different projects for my channel, and most have turned out pretty ok; Some better than others. But the Chewbacca Domo had just the right amount of Chewbacca and the right amount of Domo for me. I even impressed myself, which is harder to do than you might think.

Items you'll need: Brown hairy fur material.  Polyfill. A piece of cardboard. Red and white felt. The pattern printed on paper. Some cutting utensils, A hot glue gun and glue. Silver squares with a hole in either side, Buttons for eyes. A ribbon for the sash. Sewing needle, grey, brown and black thread and a sharpie.

The pattern can be found on my website:



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The video was awesome! Although I'm not a fan of Domo, I enjoyed this video!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I do have a bunch more how to video's on my YouTube channel. Perhaps you will find one that you'd like to make.

Here's the link to a playlist with all my nerd-crafts:

- Paul


Very entertaining video and very cool Chewy. I made one like a pillow.
I've got an entry in the Up! contest too but I'll still give this little guy a vote. My entry is a leather top hat.

I think this one's a bit more appropriate:

Thanks! I've entered it in the UP contest since it's not really a cardboard project.

I do have another video that I think will be much more suitable for the duct tape or cardboard contest though.