Picture of How to make a Chinese Checkers Board
This instructable will show you how to make a wooden Chinese checkers board that can be used with marbles to play the game.  I have a wooden board and marble set and when my brother-in-law and his wife saw it they wanted one but couldn't find one to buy. So I made it.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
Automatic center punch
Plunge Router
Round nose router bit (I used 12.7mm)
Round over router bit
Pillar Drill

300x300x18mm piece of wood
60 x 14mm marbles 10 of 6 colours
Board template (attached as pdf)
Varnish, Oil or stain to finish the wood
chinese checkers.pdf(1191x842) 27 KB
dkorwood2 years ago
why can't I print the templet? I so want to make this.
pudtiny (author)  dkorwood2 years ago
Sorry not sure I just tested it and its working. It does print onto A3 paper could that be a problem for you?
bgartman3 years ago
Hi pudtiny
I just wanted to let you know that I used your Instructable for this Chinese Checkers board tutorial as a reference in my "Edible Chinese Checkers" Instructable. I hope this will bring even more views to your Instructabe, and thanks so much for the inspiration!
SWV17875 years ago
My fiance's grandfather made some wooden game boards  for a game they called simply "Marbles" because marbles were used as game pieces. It was played kinda like "Trouble" made by Milton Bradley. I like the idea of using the router bit for the indentations a drill bit works but looks nowhere near as nice...
luvit SWV17875 years ago
i played this with my great grandparents. they said it was called "aggravation".
the bottom side had chinese checkers
pudtiny (author)  luvit5 years ago
I have found plans on the web referring to that board as aggravation  which I believe is alternative name for trouble which later got turned into the plastic version called frustration.
Learndy5 years ago
Just a comment regarding the name of the game. "Chinese checkers"? Here in Germany we call it  "Halma". Oh, this site is so enlightening! :-D
pudtiny (author)  Learndy5 years ago
Chinese Checkers is a variation of Halma. I have always know Halma  as a four player game on a square board.
kissiltur5 years ago
Good idea using the router bit in the drill! That inspires me to work more on my own game board.