Picture of How to make a Clutch/Bag out of magazines!!
HI!! This tutorial will show you how to make a bag/clutch out of old magazines!!

Its a perfect summer project to kill time.

You can gift it or use them for storage or daily use!! Their versatile depending on the shape you want, and their waterproof!!

Have fun and I hope you enjoy!!!!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here are the Materials you need for this step:

Magazines (lots of them)

Clear tape (the big scotch kind)

Regular transparent tape or the small tape



(sorry if pic is a little blurry)

Step 2: Rip a Bunch of pages out!!!

Picture of Rip a Bunch of pages out!!!
Take your magazines, and rip a bunch of papers out.

They can be color coded like mine, or they can be all sorts of colors.

These pages can be from a variety of magazines of different sizes.

Depending on how wide or long you want them to be, rip as many as you need.

I usually rip a bunch out and make what i want out of them, using the leftover ones as handles or small clutches.

*Rip them closest to the spine of the magazine. if it gets jagged, you can always cut it off for a smooth edge to work on.

Step 3: Fold!!!

Picture of Fold!!!
Take a magazine page and fold it in half hot dog style.

Fold it again, hot dog style,

Then fold it AGAIN hot dog style.

You should get a thin strip.

If you want, you can fold it lengthwise as many times as you want in order to achieve the look you want, or fold it only twice to make it thicker.

*Put them under a hard object like a textbook to flatten them out. This will make it easier to do the next step!

*You should place these strips under a heavy item such as a textbook to flatten them out more. (shown in pic above)
TessCraft3 months ago

How do you fold hotdog style?

mclare502 years ago
Please make more instructables!!!:)
mclare502 years ago
Great idea.
krabs (author)  mclare502 years ago