How to Make a Coca-Cola Can Valentine's Rose


Introduction: How to Make a Coca-Cola Can Valentine's Rose

How to make a red rose flower out of an empty Coca Cola can. Just in time for Valentines day.

All you need is an empty Coke can, a knife and a pair of scissors. You may also want to use safety gloves and a pair of pliers.



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7 Discussions

Great for prakes cool

Really nice going to use this to my beat friend and say I CAN't do it without you

Just great! I especially liked the pace of the video, you sped up at the exact moments I would have wanted to skip forward. Very nice idea, execution, and production. I have a rose made from sheet metal that I'm quite proud of created following an instructable also, yet while very durable it took considerable time and energy due to the gauge of metal. So I'm pretty excited to make as many as I need next time following your guide...thank you!