How to Make a Coffee Pod With a Home Made Coffee Pod Maker


Introduction: How to Make a Coffee Pod With a Home Made Coffee Pod Maker

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I made this little kitchen gadget out of some scrape wood. Makes a coffee pod very well. It is a block of wood with a hole cut to fit a Tupperware 1/4 cup measuring cup. I attached a dowel rod to the center of the cut out piece of wood to make the press. No need to buy those expensive coffee pods when you can make your own special blend pod at home.

Step 1: Home Made Coffee Pod Maker Operation

The idea is to make your own special flavored coffees without having to buy the expensive pods. The wood coffee pod maker is a fun project to show your friends.

1. Place the 1/4 cup measuring cup in the holder.

2. Place a coffee filter over the measuring cup.

3. Press the coffee filter in the measuring cup with the press or your fingers.

4. Fill the measuring cup with the filter with the amount of coffee you like.

5. Fold the filter so it is in the measuring cup.

6. With the press, press the filter and coffee firmly into the cup.

7. Take the pressed pod out of measuring cup and enjoy.



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