Picture of How to make a Color Splash Image
 This is a tutorial on how to make a color splash image with gimp. if you don't have gimp you can download it easy and free at ...WWW.gimp.ORG

Step 1: Twins!

Picture of Twins!
 Open up TWO of the SAME picture in 2 windows. 
spylock2 years ago
I like it,Im gonna try it with some shots of my koi pond this spring and summer,it would also be cool with humming birds.
good steps. but what it was used for?
Its Giggles5 years ago
Great instructable!
This will be very helpful since i am sorta a self taught
gimpist/ gimp artist/ person who edits on gimp. . .
(or what ever it is called) :P

J@50n (author)  Its Giggles5 years ago
haha. i just started using gimp and realized how easy color splash was on it. 

Thanks, i'm glad you liked it!!!