Picture of How to make a Cookie Monster
Have something to do? Don't want to do it? Make a Cookie Monster!
Procrastination at its finest! plus...a giant cookie...

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Step 1: What you'll need...

Picture of What you'll need...
Here is a list of what you will need:

1. A college apartment and/or residence of some sort. It doesnt have to be yours but make sure you have permission to be there...or make sure your super sneaky skills are finely honed.

2. Cookie dough! i find the pre-made logs to be the best to work with on a project like this. Off brand is preferred. it costs less and tastes just as good as Pillsbury...or use whatever brand you want i dont give a crap...but make sure its in log form or this wont turn out right....

3. A cookie sheet.

4. An Oven. A basic one. The regular kind.

5. A goofy roomate/portable dishwasher.(both optional but makes for easier cleanup and fun)

Step 2: Gettin' Started!

Picture of Gettin' Started!
Pre-heat the oven you have commandeered to a balmy 329 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature may be increased or decreased at your discretion bu this is what worked for me. You can trust me or you can be stubborn and disagree with me like you always do. I'm just sayin'...that's the temp i put it at and it turned out great. ok? ok!

Step 3: Spray the pan, man!

Picture of Spray the pan, man!
Spray cookie sheet with Pam or Pam's cousin, generic Pam.

Step 4: Carefully remove cookie dough log...

Picture of Carefully remove cookie dough log...
This step may be potentially dangerous for small children.

Assuming you're an able adult, grab a knife, get in there and strip the log of its sexy wrapping.

*Note: be careful not cut into the log of dough, this may ruin the entire project and ruin your dinner party.

Step 5: Place cookie log on Pam'd Pan

Picture of Place cookie log on Pam'd Pan
I have something to confess.

When i first made this i accidentally skipped step 3... : /

Regardless it worked out cause i think there was still some on there from the last time someone made cookies on the sheet. Anyways...this step is pretty much self explanatory but i figured i would illustrate it the best i could so things don't go disastrously wrong. OK!

Step 6: Sneak some...

Picture of Sneak some...
Cut off a bit from the end and eat it. you know you want to. :)