Also known as cow dung, or feces, Cow Pies are the multi functional waste products produced by cows. Some of their many uses include:

  • Flying saucer
  • Cooking fuel (for cookies!)
  • Manure
  • Disgusting your friends and family

In my entry to the pie contest, I'm going to teach you how to bake your very own Cow Pies!

Photo from marilynjane

Step 1: Ingredients

You need:

  • One cow (I do not recommend bulls)
  • Grass
  • Water

Photo from foxpar4
Photo from Robert Brook
<p>indian cow</p>
This is hilarious! Great job.
Great instructable! Cow patties make the very best garden fertilizer too.
Cow pie has high calories and will burn very hot.It can be used as a replacement for coal or firewood.
Awww, I thought you meant the <em>real</em> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/3724134.stm">cow pie</a>!<br/>
Yeah, I though so too...
egh,they make great fuel,we let the whole floor of the area fill with pie,the cows compress it by sitting on them and walking around One day at milking time one of them was all wet,when i asked my grandpa he said that he sat on fresh cow pie:D Also,WHERE ARE THEIR EAR BADGES
i approve of this instructable :)
Boy, you've already won this contest. The other contestants shouldn't even bother entering. :P
<pre>Yeah, but it got taken outof the contest :(</pre>
Yea but he only gets one prize :p so the rest get one too!. P.S. I did think that you would be making a pie with COW MEAT!!!! The I'ble really made me laugh!
Nice Icon
Pies with cow meat? Gross!
Have u never eat one !?!?
well i always thought that pies are ones that you eat! Not dung!
Thanks, I hope so!
LOL!!! 5/5 and Favorite
Cookie fuel? I think you just won!
Oh shoot! I guess you could use it to make cookies, though.
Not sure if I'd want to eat stuff cooked over it. :P
Thanks =]<br/>
I find the second picture to be very mouth watering :P
naw, thats step 3 ;p
Is there any cow tipping involved?
Only for mixing purposes...but then you have to help them back up.
It must be awful when they are backed up...
On step three, cows happen to have seven ovens in one.
That's for maximum production.
you can also take them when they are dry and throw them. I used to have a dog that would collect everything, bottles from the side of the road, newspapers (other peoples), and cow pies from the neighbors field. so we always had cow pies in our yard.
"you can also take them when they are dry and throw them." Look at the first of possible uses.
Which end do you insert the grass and water into? I got stuck at this step.
If you look at step 3, there is a diagram of a cow. Insert the grass into the "intake" tube.
Thanks, I was wondering where I went wrong. I'm going to wash my hands.
HAHAH you beat me to it ahh well :D ahha this was really funny
I wonder who pointed out it was a pie contest, <em>before</em> it was announced<br/>:D<br/>

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