I was reading on the net people from everywhere wanting a cricket trap,but there hasn't been any good ones.Well We have chickens and alot of crickets(from a failed attempt of trying to raise them,getting frustrated and tossing them out in the back yard).To me,they are free food for my chickens,and will give some insight of how I read a persons blog about making one.http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Build-Your-Own-Cricket-Trap&id=108600]

Here is what you will need:

1. Some old discarded screen. It must still be in good condition.
2. A bean crate or similar box.
3. Staple gun
4. A light( preferably blue or red) I am using a camping light bought from Wal-Mart (4.00)
5. Scissors
6. Some bait. A water vegetable works best. Here I am using baby carrots.

Step 1: Sizing,and Cuting Screen

If you don't have any junk screen lying around, go buy some from lowes for about 6.00. Or just take screens off your windows. Now get a crate.you really don't need a crate.a box will do good too,but use a desk stapler for the box,not a heavy duty stapler.You do need to cut some holes on all the sides of the box so the bugs can see what they are going in for. If you have a crate,no more holes are necessary,the slots will have light go thru and attract them buggies.Cut the screen about 1 inch bigger than the bottom. now take your screen and staple it to the bottom of your crate or box.Dont worry about the corner flaps. just tuck them and staple them.remember: it don't need to be pretty, its just for bugs.Next size and cut screen for the sides and top.

Reason: the screen is to keep the crickets in. The crickets will scale the screen.
Built one, a good one as per instructions...I live in the country and know there is a lot of crickets around because you can walk through the yard and see them, yet after three attempts did not catch any crickets. Used several different fruits and vegetables as bait...tried putting it in a dark corner of the yard ( I have a big yard ) and beaneath the yard light on the pole...nothing...<br>
<p>I may just be dense, usually the simple things elude me, but: if all sides of the box are covered with screen, how do the crickets get in? And if you cut holes in the screen to let them in, what is to keep them from going back out the holes to get away? Anyone?</p>
<p>Sweet instructable our Beared Dragon will be a happy dragon with the extra live food ! </p>
I think watermelon works the best for bait catching bait
I love this instructable... I have four chickens and I was looking for a way to trap bugs for them to eat... This is perfect! I'm gonna make one ASAP !! Just favorited... The crickets will make a nutritious snack for my chickens! Thankyou so much for sharing! You are a legend! Thankyou!
another thing that is faster is to take an old flannel blanket lay it on the ground next to some tall grass or weeds and run through the grass on the opposite side. the crickets, and other bugs, will run from you and get thier feet caught in the blanket
Thank you thank you! My frilled lizard will be sitting pretty thanks to you!
What a great idea! I have an anole, so this could come in handy!!!!!!!!<br />
Well done! Just faved. Some pics of bugs in trap?

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