-black paint

-silver and gold spray paint

-two black straps



Step 1: 1

cut out your shield and details using cardboard.see if there the right size

Step 2: 2 Painting

-Paint both sides silver.

-on the front paint random black lines.

-paint details gold(in my case the skyrim symbol and the two top and bottom details)-get creative here.

-make sure the pieces fit right.

Step 3: 3 Gluing

-Glue the front pieces together

-On back get two straps and glue them to fit your arm.

You are know done.Enjoy this fun shield prop.Have fun using it or just display it.You can do your shield as different as you want to.just get creative.

<p>Cool! Are you going to make a whole costume?!</p>
i guess i could

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Bio: I love making things.like rube Goldberg machines and domino rally's. i also like making props.
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