How to Make a Cute Jumper Dress




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Introduction: How to Make a Cute Jumper Dress

About: Learn how easy is to design your own clothes! The best Do-it-yourself videos on the web! Join me :D

This easy jumper dress takes no time at all to make- and does not require any pattern! . Follow these easy instructions and make one for yourself!



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    Nice job. But do you ever use any type of lining to give your clothes structure and stability? I am pretty thin but would never be comfortable wearing something with this material and no lining. ;)

    Love it. did you also make the white blouse with the ruffles? I would really like to know how to make one of those. Or just the ruffles.

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    Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Yes i did that to! I will make a video soon ;)

    I found it! Thank you for all these amazing videos!

    I would love to see a video on that ruffle top! :D I cant find it on your channel here, but maybe i am mistaken? :)

    I'm looking forward to that

    This is perhaps the cutest dress I've ever seen! I'm really starting to get into making my own clothing and this is adorable! Thank you for all your tutorials!

    it looks really nice, but how would you make these into shorts instead of a skirt?

    Hi, I'm sorry for any inconvenience. I just switch to a Youtube player. best regards

    Thats strange... Plays smooth as silk on my computer, and its just a cheapo Celeron laptop running Vista basic.

    Used to enjoy Giannly's videos until the choppy video and audio quality. Sorry doll...

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    Ah, so it's not just my connection then? It's the player? Perhaps a switch to YouTube or Vimeo is in order...