Introduction: How to Make a Cute Jumper Dress

This easy jumper dress takes no time at all to make- and does not require any pattern! . Follow these easy instructions and make one for yourself!


HollyMann (author)2012-06-23

Nice job. But do you ever use any type of lining to give your clothes structure and stability? I am pretty thin but would never be comfortable wearing something with this material and no lining. ;)

28.martine (author)2009-06-24

Love it. did you also make the white blouse with the ruffles? I would really like to know how to make one of those. Or just the ruffles.

giannyl (author)28.martine2009-06-24

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Yes i did that to! I will make a video soon ;)

mandreasen (author)giannyl2011-11-13

I found it! Thank you for all these amazing videos!

mandreasen (author)giannyl2011-11-13

I would love to see a video on that ruffle top! :D I cant find it on your channel here, but maybe i am mistaken? :)

28.martine (author)giannyl2009-06-24

I'm looking forward to that

CommonSparta (author)2011-07-08

This is perhaps the cutest dress I've ever seen! I'm really starting to get into making my own clothing and this is adorable! Thank you for all your tutorials!

bananas_in_pajamas (author)2011-06-24

just wondering, how old are you?

WhyHello (author)2010-11-09


anonyloser (author)2009-11-02

it looks really nice, but how would you make these into shorts instead of a skirt?

studioare (author)2009-09-21

great job!

giannyl (author)2009-06-24

Hi, I'm sorry for any inconvenience. I just switch to a Youtube player. best regards

Stew2 (author)2009-06-24

Thats strange... Plays smooth as silk on my computer, and its just a cheapo Celeron laptop running Vista basic.

ruben782 (author)2009-06-24

Used to enjoy Giannly's videos until the choppy video and audio quality. Sorry doll...

jeff-o (author)ruben7822009-06-24

Ah, so it's not just my connection then? It's the player? Perhaps a switch to YouTube or Vimeo is in order...

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