How to Make a DIY $5 Camera Mount for Motorcycle Handlebars


Introduction: How to Make a DIY $5 Camera Mount for Motorcycle Handlebars

Instructional video on how to assemble an inexpensive $5 do-it-yourself motorcycle handlebar mount for video and still cameras. Step by step assembly instructions in the video. Parts and tools listed below.
Tools: flat head screwdriver, drill and 1/4" drill bit, dremel or other cutting tool
Parts: 1" diameter PVC T connector threaded and threaded cap, 1/4" bolt with washer and wingnut, 2 hose clamps, pieces of rubber hose



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    nice drz....gonna try a similar mount for mine....thanks for the idea

    This is a awesome idea! When spring comes, I am making one of these for my mountain bike and videoing all my fave trails in HD!

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    Yeah, I made 1 out of black PVC pipe. My video camera was too heavy, and all I got was bobbling and shaking :(

     Dude sweet tune.  Erics Trip, nice!

    Cool tutorial....thanks for sharing. I noticed you put the wingnut upside down but we all get the point.

    Sweet! I will have to build one for my Ninja!

    Great job of an Instructable video. Clear and to the point. However, I would caution when screwing the 1/4-20 bolt into the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera. If the bolt goes in too far, it can damage the mechanics or electronics of any camera - a very expensive mistake to make.....