You probably wanted to get free T.V. at some point, and this instructable will help you with that!

Step 1: What You Need

Electrical Tape Scissors 2 Jumper Wires Aluminum Foil 2 Paper Plates A Coaxial Cable A T.V.
<p>I have a question. Do you connect the wires around the foil to the foil. And then connect that connection to the middle copper wire?</p>
<p>Cool, so tip for newbies, do not let the foil, wire or anything metal that is connected to this touch the ground, all of the electricity (channels travel on electricity) will dissapate (go away). But yeah it picked up 69 channels! But my TV decided to save only 28.</p>
How many channels does it load?
<p>I picked up 69 channels (without using the window method) and it saved 28!</p>

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