How to Make a DIY Floppy Disc Clock ('Cloppy')





Introduction: How to Make a DIY Floppy Disc Clock ('Cloppy')

A DIY floppy disc clock;easy to make and a way to get rid of all those old useless floppies stored up in your house.Enjoy!

Step 1: Requirements

2-3 Floppies,A cheap china made clock,numbers 3,6,9 of a calc(you can use all the numbers if you want,but just 3 numbers looks better)

Step 2: Floppy Demolition

Remove the hub of the floppy(the metal disc at the centre).And then just drill a hole in the centre wide enough to fit in the clock centre(the part which holds the hands of the clock)or you can heat an iron nail and press it on the centre of the floppy to make the hole.I used the nail.

Step 3: Clock Demolition

Chinese made clocks are just fitted in the plastic body.So all you have to do is to pull out the clock from the body.

Step 4: Positioning the Clock

Now fit in the clock centre(the part which holds the hands of the clock)in the hole of the floppy.In order to ensure tht the clock is not tilted;adjust it in such a way that the clock edge is parallel to the lines on the floppy label.

Step 5: Fitting the Clock

Now that you have got the position properly,apply some adhesive on the clock edges and press it hard on the floppy.Make sure you don't leave any gap between the floppy and the clock.Keep it that way for some time so that the clock is stuck properly on the floppy.

Step 6: Fitting the Hands

Now put the hands of the clock in their respective grooves.Make the floppy centre edges smooth with a screwdriver or scissors,usually the edges become rough while removing the floppy hub(the metal disc in the centre).Turn the floppy hands to check the smoothness.

Step 7: Grand Finale

Now use another floppy and melt it onto the previous one using the nail or alternatively glue them together at a proper angle(molten plastic ensures more durability though).Use the adhesive to stick on the numbers.

Step 8: Voila!!You Have a Cloppy.

Have fun!!This is my first instructable.So please post your suggestions and comments.



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    What did you use to get the inner disc out of the floppy? Need more in depth details!


    wow i didn't know people were still looking at's been a very long time since i last visited instructables...i almost didnt recognize myself :P...
    well to answer your query...i think i had just cut out the central metallic disc with a blade...hope this is helpful...enjoy!



    nope.....iam Indian......thx for ur comment.....

    Hey I am indian too

    nice clock but you might want to change the name

    Good uses for old disks; well done

    hey dude nice glasses , did you make them?

    user nope....we hv opticians here for