Step 3: Bondo Filling!

Picture of Bondo Filling!
So if you haven't ever worked with Bondo Body filler, it can be a little stressing at first, but I now have got the hang of it, and trust me, it is great!
So you want to make a mix of quantities of bondo body filler and then just spread it all over the surface of the helmet and keep sanding with that 40 grit sand paper.
If you have a sander, it is even better, less work to do!
So now just keep adding more bondo, until your base model, shapes out to a smoother surface, such as my first basic smoothed out shape.

The ears I made were constructed out of a block of foam and then they were shaped out and glued to the model.

By this step, I had already revised any blemishes by prime-ring the helmet with brown primer paint.
Brown primer will allow you to see imperfections much more than white.

The red spots you see are filled dents by spot putty.

The annotations in this image deal with the next step.
If you wait until the Bondo is half-dry, you can use sculpting tools to "carve away" and sculpt the bondo. It sometimes is much easier than sanding completely dry Bondo.