Step 3: Bondo Filling!

So if you haven't ever worked with Bondo Body filler, it can be a little stressing at first, but I now have got the hang of it, and trust me, it is great!
So you want to make a mix of quantities of bondo body filler and then just spread it all over the surface of the helmet and keep sanding with that 40 grit sand paper.
If you have a sander, it is even better, less work to do!
So now just keep adding more bondo, until your base model, shapes out to a smoother surface, such as my first basic smoothed out shape.

The ears I made were constructed out of a block of foam and then they were shaped out and glued to the model.

By this step, I had already revised any blemishes by prime-ring the helmet with brown primer paint.
Brown primer will allow you to see imperfections much more than white.

The red spots you see are filled dents by spot putty.

The annotations in this image deal with the next step.
<p>how thick is the acrylic sheet you used?</p>
<p>Amazing job, looks very much like Volpin's. I have attempted making a Guy-Manuel helmet about 5 times (all unsuccessful). If you still have a copy of the blueprint, it would be wonderful if you could send it to me (guthman01@gmail.com) or add it to the instructables. Thanks again,</p><p>Guppy</p>
<p>cool helmet i finished it but im going to add LEDs</p>
<p>I wonder if you could use this helmet for an eva spartan costume....</p>
<p>Thats a fabulous job you did. I was wondering if you could tell me how much smooth on 25 did it require to create the silicone mold. And how much smooth on did it require to make 1 finished mask. Is 16 oz enough to make one mask? Thanks</p>
How's the visibility with the nightshades?
Hey I was trying to make the rinzler ?? Should I just make the final molding shape and then put that plastic stuff over all of it and paint it ??? I mean how am I gonna be able to see .
Or maybe would u consider making another for sell?
I have sold 3 raw castings already. These have been exactly sold as seen in step 12. <br>The card stock model is just the helmet blueprints printed out on cardstock, then put together along with more paper to create what appears in step 2.<br>I'm so sorry if it doesn't make sense, I'll be glad to explain in further detail if you'd like me to.
How did you make the card stock model?
How much are you asking for a raw casting? I would like to buy one from you. email me at <br>flipper2497@gmail.com
extremely impressive work.... although the instructions are great, im still a little confused about step 2... i would appreciate it alot if you can explain it with more detail please.. thank you..
I understand your confusion, and I apologize for my lack of ability to explain things in detail.<br>Okay here it goes, I made some blueprints for the helmet and printed them out in 1:1 scale to my head, this included a front plane of the helmet blueprint, 2 side shots and a rear shot.<br><br>These pieces were then traced onto a big cardstock (cardboard), they were then cut out and kind of put together to make an &quot;X&quot; so I could have the actual size of the helmet and see what is was going to look like.<br><br>Since you are just going to have a &quot;X&quot; and &quot;Y&quot; plane of the helmet (Aerial view) you want to fill in the &quot;Z&quot; plane which will turn the piece from a 2D figure to a 3D figure, so you link the gaps of the &quot;X&quot; plane and &quot;Y&quot; with either paper of more cardboard. <br><br>By this moment, you should have something that looks like the one in the picture.<br><br>Then you want to spray foam around the whole piece so you could later carve the piece until you get your desired shape.<br><br>If you still don't understand, let me know, I'll be more than glad to make an example step by step video or addition to this instructable : )
if you would be so kind to make the step by step video... it would be of great help because im still a little thrown off on how to make the cardstock figure.. thank you again
Sure! It might take a little while to get it done, but since I am working on a new piece now, I will try and make a video of my model so you can grasp the idea a little better : )
sounds great to me...thank you for taking the time to explain this to me. Might this new piece be the Thomas helmet?
Well I already started working on that one, but I am working on a ronzler helmet build from Tron Legacy
I am really confused on step 2 can you explain
do you have to make the cast or can you just use the original one you made?
You can use the original one you've made, but it will be a lot heavier if you go with the original master route :)
You could make it lighter by using fiberglass resin jelly instead of bondo. Its lighter and stronger than bondo.
can i please buy this off you
I would be that jerk that says it's called &quot;DIY&quot; for a reason...if only I hadn't wanted him to make one for me too xD
ha ha thanks
Well done! Great ible too. I felt the need to offer my appreciation, since there seems to be a constant stream of requests and questions.
If you wait until the Bondo is half-dry, you can use sculpting tools to &quot;carve away&quot; and sculpt the bondo. It sometimes is much easier than sanding completely dry Bondo.
hey man, can you shoot me an email, im wodering if you would be willing to make me one or two of those white casts, and how much you would charge for them :D im looking to make 2 more helmets and i dont have the time to do all the other steps again, already have a basic one, i want to try to make a tron one and a steampunk one :D but i wanna start with an actual base this time to save time, get back to me with the answer asap please and thank you :D email is <br>trent_ingram2007@yahoo.com just set the subject as Guy Manuel Helmet or something like that.
Hey, I know I'm a little late to the party but if you are still answering questions I would love to ask you a few things as I am trying to build one of these now. <br> <br>1. After you apply the bondo to the expanding foam model, are you hollowing out the expanding foam so you can put the thing on your head? I am trying to follow volpin as well as you but neither of you really mention this. <br> <br>2. Can I immediately bondo the expanding foam or is there an in between step? Volpin mentions urethane resin but your's seemed to turn out ok. <br> <br>If you could answer any or all of these I would be super grateful thanks so much. <br>Great build.
Is there any way to make this cheaper?
I just love it. I love your lover as well. Haha.
OH GAWD. <br>I'm wetting myself &lt;3 <br>That was fantastic. I made a Thomas Helmet last year and I think your guy Manuel one is great :D <br> <br>I hope their next album comes out soon &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 <br>Great job again!
How long did this take u to make. I'm not sure if u said it anywhere, if you did sorry about that.
hey this is truly beautiful .. i know you probly get asked alot and what not but is there anyway i could get a mold man like i have no money right now to make a mold .. so plz email me at wyattmedley@yahoo.com it would mean a crzy amount to me because this is an on going thing i dream of making ... idk but anyway i could get help other than this would be amazing ..
Hey how did you make the cr <br>Are board model cause I can't figure that out. Thank you .. <br> \--/ <br>
I'm slightly confused with this step. Do you break the jacket mold in half and what is the shell? What do you reattach with nuts and screws?
Is a dremel absolutely needed or is there a a cheaper substitute?
Can I have an extended explanation about making the vacuum form machine thingy? Because I don't quite understand.
How long did it take you to make this helmet?
Sorry I have a lot of questions.. hehe. <br> <br>After you have made the card stock model and have carved out the shape how do you take the cardboard out of the inside? Or do you leave it there? <br> <br>Im going to make one my self i just wanted to understand the build better so I dont screw up! :)
What did you use to make the registration keys? <br>
About how much would it cost to get the framed sprayed chrome?
How much would you say it costs for this whole project?
Somewhere around $300-450
Hey! I'm just wondering if you could make me one of each! Well first I need to know the price of each and both combined! Oh, and do you ship to Canada? I'd really like to be daft punk for Halloween! My price range is 200$ (for now but I'm not sure)! Plz reply!
Shoot me an e-mail - fennecprops@live.com
Who else thought White red and green el wire would be AMAZING for the aesthetic back wire details!
would the trial size smooth cast be anywhere near enough to attempt something <br>like this?
Sorry for the late reply! <br>A buddy of mine was able to accomplish one of his builds (equal size of mine) with the trial size of smooth-cast. <br>He wished he had more, as some layers weren't thick enough for the mold to last long.
thanks alot! im kinda short on cash now so the trial size seems right up my alley
How much of the smooth-on silicone rubber did you use?<br>

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