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Hello everyone . This is my frist instructable on this site ..This idea came in my mind when i was reading of automatic street light . Here i have show an easy way to make a dark senensor it sence dark and then a light will glow automaticly . It is also helpfull in making of LFR-line following robot. The part are very cheap and can find on a simple electronic store..also

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1.Battery (3v-4.5v) 2.LDR 3.Transistor (BC547B NPN) 4.LDR 5.LED

Step 2: Circuit

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Step 3: Video

here is a vedio by wich you can learn how to make it easily


Nice job!


anuragpandey (author)2014-06-20

Cool project dude really awesome creaton good thinking

eagleanurag (author)anuragpandey2014-06-20


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