Star wars costumes hard to find or just too expensive? Then Box Vader might be the way to go!

After searching high & low for  a cheap Star Wars costume and having no luck I decided to make a comical version using cardboard boxes.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1 Large cardboard box - Big enough to fit yourself in
1 Small box  - The head
Black paint - I used a cheap small tube of acrylic paint
Grey or silver paint
Scrap cardboard
Silver colored material - I used an old silver shopping bag that I cut up
Hot glue gun
Red / Blue paper or painted cardboard - For voice box buttons
Exacto/ craft knife
Paint brush & or sponge roller
Ruler, pens ect

With a costume like this, you can use the Force to keep the Creepers and Endermen at bay!<br><br>Nice Job!
Rofl, thanks.<br />
That's so clever....and cute! Ooops; I mean Imperialistically dark-sidish.

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