This is a basic tutorial on making a Death Note from the anime. The Finished product of my first instructable.


You Need:
SPRAY PAINT-black and white
TAPE-masking tape
oh and a well ventelated room

Step 2: Prime the Top Half

"prime" the top half wwiuth white spray paint *(HINT: it will take about three coats)*

Step 3: Putting the Letters On!

Believe it or not you're about half way done.
The letters on is the most tedious and aggravating step.
This is where you need the tape, and a pencil.
Tracing the "Death Note" lettering is good but if you can't trace it free handing it is always good! Trace or free hand it on the tape the using a regular knife or "exacto" knife cut it out and place it on the "Primed" notebook making sure it's good and on tight or you will get imperfect letters. (I figured it out that the hard way:))

Step 4: Black Paint

now all you need to do is spray the whole note black. Front and back after you apply the tape letters, the finished product might take more than one coat of paint!!


Congrats now all you need to do is peel the tape off of the notebook and your done

this is better
I saw a pic of blues clues but lights head was on blue and it said" careful or I will write your name in my handy dandy notebook."
OK, that's just hilarious. Have a link to the picture?
this one is slightly different but it is the same image.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://fc06.deviantart.com/fs43/f/2009/094/e/3/Death_Note_x_Blues_Clues_by_DaddyYankee4x.jpg">http://fc06.deviantart.com/fs43/f/2009/094/e/3/Death_Note_x_Blues_Clues_by_DaddyYankee4x.jpg</a><br/>
This one is a pretty funny reference to both Portal and to L's death at the hands of Rem..<br>http://www.motifake.com/image/demotivational-poster/0908/the-cake-is-not-a-lie-light-yagami-misa-amane-l-death-note-a-demotivational-poster-1249555909.jpg
Spray paint can cause cancer, but only in California.
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I'm 17, and I read the back of a spray paint can. The alcohol part was in the newspaper.
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I read those too.
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couldn't find it, the only ones that matched were a department store one, 'eye power', and some other weird thing.
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Yeah, I just started using it to catch up on naruto and bleach. It took many hours.
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Gravitation was awesome! I loved it!
Any good chapters? And what's with the cat ears... and tails?
yush and its a manga thing =/ seme and yuke and just stuff<br/>
Good enough.
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Only 30 people from the 1200 people who could take it did, not a very popular class.

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