How to Make a Desert Eagle


Introduction: How to Make a Desert Eagle

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Link to the Gun!

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    is that a girl or a boy cuz i havent got a clue

    5 replies

    Ever heard of a BOY named Cathy? I know I haven't.

     i dont even kno what that is im so scared

     lol its funny cuz we dont kno what it is

    Thanx so much! This has given me a good idea of how to make a Killjoy raygun for my lil' Bro (he's a big MyChemicalRomance fan) for Christmas. Keep up the good work!

    Do you really need a TONE of cardboard! Plus you dont need clapping for writing because everyone can write "what you need"! It's not a miracle

    the picture likk doesnt even have the print thing

    you could make a ray gun <><><><

    the barrels needs to be longer and the gun as a whole needs to be a little bigger(not much just a bit

    not amazing try 2 mould da shape

    Just fyi, the gun that you have as the thumbnail, is actually a Jericho, otherwise known as a "Baby Eagle".