video How to make a Desert Eagle
Link to the Gun!

Music by Garageband and Magix Music Maker!

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kray9535 years ago
is that a girl or a boy cuz i havent got a clue
Ever heard of a BOY named Cathy? I know I haven't.
dont feel left out, be neither
 i dont even kno what that is im so scared
me to man. im scaredof it
 lol its funny cuz we dont kno what it is
Thanx so much! This has given me a good idea of how to make a Killjoy raygun for my lil' Bro (he's a big MyChemicalRomance fan) for Christmas. Keep up the good work!
Do you really need a TONE of cardboard! Plus you dont need clapping for writing because everyone can write "what you need"! It's not a miracle
brett1215745 years ago
the picture likk doesnt even have the print thing
 A scissor, lmfao.
bikon485 years ago
you could make a ray gun <><><><

korgoth255 years ago
the barrels needs to be longer and the gun as a whole needs to be a little bigger(not much just a bit
lol lol lol6 years ago
not amazing try 2 mould da shape
Vertigo6666 years ago
Just fyi, the gun that you have as the thumbnail, is actually a Jericho, otherwise known as a "Baby Eagle".