How to make a Disemboweled Zombie or Accident Victim

Picture of How to make a Disemboweled Zombie or Accident Victim

This tutorial will show you how to make a realistic disemboweling from materials that can be found in your local costume shop, Halloween Store or online. This Makeup FX adds a great touch to your Zombie or accident victim costume. Scare your friends and family!

Word of caution, a small but significant number of people can have severe allergic reactions to Latex. If you are unsure, please apply a small amount of latex to the inside of the your elbow and keep it there for at least one hour. If there is no rash, itching, swelling or difficulty breathing remove the latex and continue. If there is any reaction at all, remove the latex and seek medical help! When applying latex, make sure that the area is FREE OF HAIR or that you have a high tolerance for pain! If your volunteer is allergic to latex, you can use a silicon like 3rd Degree or Skin Tite to make the skin.

Clean Non-Porous Surface (I use an old mirror about 3 feet long)
Liquid Latex (Clear or Fair, I use both)
Paper Towels

Neutral Set Powder
Foam Makeup Wedge or Foam Paint Brush
Burns And Blister Wheel or Severe Exposure Wheel (or various shades of red, brown, pink and black creme makeups)

Materials Needed For Stomach Wound:

Two Ply Kleenex or toilet paper (no printed or quilted pattern)

Liquid Latex

Latex Intestines

Prosthetic Adhesive

Thick Blood

Stage Blood

Zombie Black Blood

Creme Death Flesh Foundations

Creme Natural Foundations

Burn and Injury Wheel

Neutral Set Powder

Sponges, brushes and powder puff

Old T-Shirt or Dress

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This is the most convincing and awesome intestine Instructables I've seen out there! Great work!
chany1964 (author)  SkyProductions26 days ago

Thank you! It took me awhile to figure out how to make it look as real as possible!

shinycarguy25 days ago

Man Nice job you did ! very creative

mnmama27 days ago

MMMmmmmm.... intestines.....

This is really gross and cool. Nice 'ible.

chany1964 (author)  mnmama27 days ago


Great inspiration!
chany1964 (author)  crazy_inventor1 month ago

Thanks! Hope you have fun recreating it!