Picture of How to make a Doctor Who Scarecrow
In the new Series 3 of Doctor Who, a two-part story “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood introduce a new enemy of The Doctor, the Scarecrows. Animated scarecrows brought to life by the Family of Blood as their personal army. Really quite terrifying. Here’s how I made it.

Step 1: Materials

0.5m x 1.4m Hessian cloth. Alternatively, a large unlined Hessian sack
A large dark brown / grey-blue woven throw blanket / rug
20m Jute rope or sisal cord
Much bigger than you need grey-blue / dark brown sweat pants or jogging bottoms
A fancy dress masquerade mask
Needle and thread
Kitchen roll paper
PVA glue
Hot glue
Sewing machine


is there a video that tell you how to make this and how hard would it be

sdew22 years ago
Bizarrely, I'm having ridiculous trouble finding masquerade masks anywhere. Guess they're not fashionable anymore. I did however find an inexpensive version of a hockey goalie mask as in Friday the 13th, and it makes a pretty good base as well.
chiok (author)  sdew22 years ago
I know they sell them in Target amongst their fancy dress items in various colours for a couple of dollars. But your creativeness is the key and a goalie mask will also do the trick.
So cool!!!!!! i love scaring people and i love Dr.who
l8nite4 years ago
Your scarecrow is AWESOME and one of the few creatures you dont have to be a dr who fan to recognize ! Our 6'8 scarecrow was waiting outside the main Haunt to get people when they thought they were "safe"
hallos eve 2010 064.jpg
haha not when i'm around!
haha not when i'm around!
chiok (author)  l8nite4 years ago
That's a *big* scarecrow.

Yeah, unfortunately a lot more people were aware of Scarecrow from Batman Begins than the scarecrow from Doctor Who. But it all worked out fine as I was snuggly warm and could stand still outside for some time. Thank you!
ZipplerZap3 years ago
Its cool, but it kinda has a sad look to it. Other then that its really cool.