In the new Series 3 of Doctor Who, a two-part story “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood introduce a new enemy of The Doctor, the Scarecrows. Animated scarecrows brought to life by the Family of Blood as their personal army. Really quite terrifying. Here’s how I made it.

Step 1: Materials

0.5m x 1.4m Hessian cloth. Alternatively, a large unlined Hessian sack
A large dark brown / grey-blue woven throw blanket / rug
20m Jute rope or sisal cord
Much bigger than you need grey-blue / dark brown sweat pants or jogging bottoms
A fancy dress masquerade mask
Needle and thread
Kitchen roll paper
PVA glue
Hot glue
Sewing machine

<p>is there a video that tell you how to make this and how hard would it be </p>
Bizarrely, I'm having ridiculous trouble finding masquerade masks anywhere. Guess they're not fashionable anymore. I did however find an inexpensive version of a hockey goalie mask as in Friday the 13th, and it makes a pretty good base as well.
I know they sell them in Target amongst their fancy dress items in various colours for a couple of dollars. But your creativeness is the key and a goalie mask will also do the trick.
So cool!!!!!! i love scaring people and i love Dr.who
Your scarecrow is AWESOME and one of the few creatures you dont have to be a dr who fan to recognize ! Our 6'8 scarecrow was waiting outside the main Haunt to get people when they thought they were &quot;safe&quot;
haha not when i'm around!
haha not when i'm around!
That's a *big* scarecrow.<br><br>Yeah, unfortunately a lot more people were aware of Scarecrow from Batman Begins than the scarecrow from Doctor Who. But it all worked out fine as I was snuggly warm and could stand still outside for some time. Thank you!
Its cool, but it kinda has a sad look to it. Other then that its really cool.<br>

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