Picture of How to make a Dollar Ring
This is a instructable on how to make a dollar ring.Follow the instructions carefully to get a nice ring.

Step 1: Prepare the bill

Picture of Prepare the bill
Get any US 1 dollar bill,George Washington facing up, and fold the back bottom margin up (Note I said back bottom margin.It means to start at the back, and fold it's bottom margin to the front.Then flip the bill over again.).
Good way to have a dollar handy for the coke machine...

or at least it WOULD be if sodas still cost a dollar! *shakes fist*

Good instructable though.
Haha it's WAY too small for any of my fingers, but thanks.
Yeah, I'm trying but you didn't make it easy haha
dylandog5 years ago
dude, you lost me...
rockadio1015 years ago
pretty coool
FichenDich5 years ago
Back in the 1970s you had to send money to a company advertising in men's magazines to learn this trick !   
sweetkits6 years ago
this is impossible for me to make! :'( no evince though
xZCodmaNZx6 years ago
Kiteman7 years ago
Nice project.