How to Make a Dollar Ring





Introduction: How to Make a Dollar Ring

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This is a instructable on how to make a dollar ring.Follow the instructions carefully to get a nice ring.

Step 1: Prepare the Bill

Get any US 1 dollar bill,George Washington facing up, and fold the back bottom margin up (Note I said back bottom margin.It means to start at the back, and fold it's bottom margin to the front.Then flip the bill over again.).

Step 2: Assembly

Fold the bill in half from top to bottom(George Washington side facing up), but make the fold just a hair away from the bottom.

Step 3: Assembly

Fold the top half down again, but this time, bring to the bottom edge exactly.

Step 4: Assembly

Now, turn the bill over and fold the right margin down.

Step 5: Assembly

Keeping the bill George Washington side down, fold the left side as shown in the first photo.Make sure the "ONE" in one dollar is exactly half covered.

Step 6: Assembly

Flip the left side over, so the bottom-left corner of the assembly so far is a right-angle. Look at the pictures for help.

Step 7: Making the Ring's Shape

Follow the pictures to get it right.Be sure to follow them exactly!

Step 8: Editing

This is very critical step.Make sure it is just right, otherwise go through steps 1-7 again before going to step 9.Make sure line A is the same length as line B.

Step 9: Continue Assembly

Fold down the vertical part, and then hold it down with your thumb.

Step 10: Assembly

Fold the "1" part across the front part of the ring.Then tuck it under the vertical part.

Step 11: Final Step

Under the ring there should be a diagonal slot.Tuck that leftover piece of the vertical part into that slot.You're done!



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    Good way to have a dollar handy for the coke machine...

    or at least it WOULD be if sodas still cost a dollar! *shakes fist*

    Good instructable though.

    Haha it's WAY too small for any of my fingers, but thanks.

    Yeah, I'm trying but you didn't make it easy haha

    dude, you lost me...

    Back in the 1970s you had to send money to a company advertising in men's magazines to learn this trick !   

    this is impossible for me to make! :'( no evince though

    Nice project.