This is a instructable on how to make a dollar ring.Follow the instructions carefully to get a nice ring.
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Step 1: Prepare the bill

Get any US 1 dollar bill,George Washington facing up, and fold the back bottom margin up (Note I said back bottom margin.It means to start at the back, and fold it's bottom margin to the front.Then flip the bill over again.).

Step 2: Assembly

Fold the bill in half from top to bottom(George Washington side facing up), but make the fold just a hair away from the bottom.

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Fold the top half down again, but this time, bring to the bottom edge exactly.

Step 5: Assembly

Keeping the bill George Washington side down, fold the left side as shown in the first photo.Make sure the "ONE" in one dollar is exactly half covered.

Step 6: Assembly

Flip the left side over, so the bottom-left corner of the assembly so far is a right-angle. Look at the pictures for help.

Step 7: Making the ring's shape

Picture of Making the ring's shape
Picture 50.jpg
Follow the pictures to get it right.Be sure to follow them exactly!

Step 9: Continue Assembly

Picture of Continue Assembly
Fold down the vertical part, and then hold it down with your thumb.

Step 10: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Fold the "1" part across the front part of the ring.Then tuck it under the vertical part.