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Glove guns are surprisingly powerful and accurate weapons that work the same way as a sling-shot (or shanghai as we used to call them). The rubber is the finger of a rubber glove - hence the name. Instead of a Y shaped stick the rubber is mounted on the end of a pipe that forms the barrel of the gun. The projectile is dropped through the barrel into the finger, the finger is then stretched back and released sending the projectile down the barrel at very high speed.

Have a look at this video for a look at a basic glove gun in action using small lead fishing sinkers as ammo...

Have a look at this video to see the double barreled version using darts.

Glove guns have probably been around for as long as there have been rubber gloves and naughty boys, but I only met my first one last weekend. I was very impressed and had to make one. It ties in nicely with the Duct Tape Competition too.

I had better warn everyone that glove guns could be a very very dangerous. They could do serious damage to eyes and pretty much anything else they hit. Always be sensible and please keep the things out of reach of youngsters. Supervise children closely - as if it was an air rifle or fire arm.

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
Gun Barrels - I used 1/2" poly riser pipe. Any pipe about that size will do.

A Rubber Glove - You only need the fingers. They need to be pretty heavy duty and stretchy.

Duct Tape - If you don't have some duct tape around go and get some now. You should always have some duct tape handy.

Gun Stock - I used some plywood I had left over from something. Use your imagination here.

Ammo - Small round pebbles, shot, sinkers, darts (I'll show these later). Trial and error will show what works best for you.

Looks cool.

TN7772 years ago
Does it make a sound? Could I attach a recording to it on a cassette tape? I'm gonna go scare a couple of kids off of my property, is why I wanna know.
abadfart3 years ago
look out its doc holiday
dawg0653 years ago
cool instructable.aren'[t you contributing to the delinqujency of a minor?(just kidding.)
cammers (author)  dawg0653 years ago
Thanks. And probably, but at least he's being delinquent with his dad.
Puma68 cammers3 years ago
If more Dad's spent creative time with their kids, they'd learn how to have fun being delinquent and still keep outta trouble. Good for you man!
I had people look at me with a curious eye before. Being a single Dad, I wanted to make sure I covered all the bases. I taught (and possibly scarred) my son on dating/opposite sex, taught him how to drink and that it's not some taboo thing.
I treated beer, wine, etc as staples around the house. They had their place and in all things moderation, including moderation.
I did the same with my firearms. When he was very young, I was a deputy. I told him, anytime you want to see or hold one of our firearms, you just tell me and I will get it for you. Anytime (fairly rare) he would ask, no MATTER what I was doing, I would stop, go get the desired firearm and let him have a look at it. I removed the NEED for him to get at it while I was not home.
I would also clean my sidearm once a week while at the sheriff's dept.
I would always make him a part of the cleaning. He would hold parts of it while I cleaned the disassembled pieces.
When the day came that I said, "Jake, it's time to clean the guns." and he replied with, "Aw Dad, do we have too?" I knew I had succeeded.
I removed the taboo.
Today?....my 22 year old son has never "binged drank" and is a keen shot, but extremely safety minded and never got out our firearms as a kid.
Playing "keep away" with your kids will only insure that they will win someday, so just make sure you let them win when you're around.
Avatar_I_Am3 years ago
I have discovered Gorilla Tape! Much better than Duct tape ever was.
It doesn't get gooey and let loose like even the best duct tape does,
or give up, dry up, and leave a dusty mess over time.
Gorilla Tape rocks!
Plo Koon3 years ago
I think eletrical tape would be good for this. its part rubber band and part tape
dawg0653 years ago
with a little bit of tinkering,this could be easily be made into9 a sniperrifle.
YOUgNeek3 years ago
splazem4 years ago
Who won? Have you decided yet?
cammers (author)  splazem4 years ago
Hi Splazem. I'll announce the winner voting ends for the duct tape contest.
Caption: Feeling lucky, Punk??
cammers (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
Very good. Thanks Kaptain. I think I better save your's for when I make a rubber glove 44 magnum. "The most powerful toy handgun in the world"
Yes, that would be a good idea, 44 magnum sounds scary!
splazem4 years ago
Caption: "I don't take well to people taking pictures of me, capiche?"
cammers (author)  splazem4 years ago
Hahaha. Straight to the top of the leader board.
splazem cammers4 years ago
Yes! Hopefully I stay there!
l8nite4 years ago
Im not waiting until halloween...
cammers (author)  l8nite4 years ago
LOL Thanks
jxross4 years ago
Nice idea.

Caption: "FREEZE, or I'll pull my finger!"
cammers (author)  jxross4 years ago
rimar20004 years ago
Nice toy!

You can use that phrase for caption to the first image.
cammers (author)  rimar20004 years ago
Thanks Rimar2000