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For my child's 4th birthday, he wanted a dragon party. So I decided to make him a cake with a dragon on it. This was a REALLY impressive cake, that although time consuming, was not that difficult to do.
Note, I am not a professional baker, and i'm sure there are things I've gotten 'wrong'.. but that's one reason i did this instructable to show that you don't have to be a professional to attempt something cool!

You can see the original cake here (the dragon laying on top of the cake) and then a mini version I made with the leftovers, to document the how it was done. This technique could be used to make a full size dragon cake, or placed on top of an iced cake as I did. Of course, you don't have to make a dragon... there are lots of things that could be made with this technique.

And remember, you can always cheat and buy a storebought cake, then make the littler dragon version to go on top of it! Not including time to make the fondant or the cake mixture, the mini dragon that I did just for this tutorial took about 45 minutes. For a time reference, the big dragon cake took me all day basically, but that was baking all the cakes, plus cupcakes, plus making the icing... and i'd never done anything like this before!

From a cost perspective, this is really pretty inexpensive. No expensive ingredients (lots of cake mix, powdered sugar, and so forth), just the cost of your time!

So how's it TASTE??
Really yummy! The marshmallow fondant used for the dragon tastes much better than regular fondant to me. And the cake inside the dragon is rich and thick. Everything is edible.

If you are throwing a dragon party, you can also get invitations and thank you notes that match this dragon at my website (www.dabbled.org). They are free to download for personal use.

I'd love to see what the fabulously creative people on Instructables can do with this!

Inspirations and credit: The dragon is of my own design, based on my illustration, but I was inspired to put it on top of a cake by this cake on flickr. Bakerella's cake balls made me think of doing it out of cake ball material. Also, the site with the marshmallow fondant recipe was very helpful.

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rhonashill3 years ago
Wow, what can I say that hasn't be said already? All you guys are so clever.
teutate3 years ago
thank you for the great instructions
Cake was a success, wife was impressed and little one loved it!!!
Picture 035.jpg
DotatDabbled (author)  teutate3 years ago
excellent job! He's got great personality :)
...this looks awesome! In case my son is as "nuts" about dragons on his next birthday (in January), as he is right now, I will definitely try that one! :)
Goodhart3 years ago
Oooo I love this.....I am going to make one, then, if it turns out (I am horrible with cakes) I will see if I can also do a T-rex or a Tyranadon.
DotatDabbled (author)  Goodhart3 years ago
If you do, be sure post a pic or email me :) I'd love to see it!
Will try to remember :-)
very nice
it's interesting to know
Suizezem3 years ago
Love this cake =)
wow this is great your very talented=)
I havent tried to make the cake yet but let me just say, THIS CAKE IS SO AWESOME! how did you do it! well dont answer that cause you just taught me! but this cake is really cool looking! you did a very good job!
sshevil4 years ago
Thanks alot for a great idea, I've made a cimilar cake aswell. I didn't use your ingredients, as I made mine from marchipan instead, but I've kind of done the same outlay on the cake.
Dragekake1.JPGDragekake 2.JPG
DotatDabbled (author)  sshevil4 years ago
love it! great job!
burcu4 years ago
I did a cake with your directions. Everybody liked.Thank you very much.
DotatDabbled (author)  burcu4 years ago
Awesome! love it
dhjshi4 years ago
Hmmm.....I believe someone deserves an internet high-five for this cake. *HIGH FIVE* and yes, this is the only cake that is not a lie.
you mean fake. the cake is fake and the pie is a lie, obviously.
Mema174 years ago
it is soo cute
That has to be one of the coolest cakes I've ever seen!
DotatDabbled (author)  Finderzkeeperz4 years ago
Thank you!
I remeber when my sister-in-law made a cookie monster cake for our young neice. She was covered from head to toe in blue icingl with her sweet little eyes peeking through all the blue icing. FHappy memories!
tchitwood4 years ago
What a great cake!!! Great ides on using the Easter candy.

I love MMF, so yummy and easy to make and work with.

Love the toothpick holder. :) I have the Ex knife block and have been wanting to get the toothpick holder and other related kitchen tools.
DotatDabbled (author)  tchitwood4 years ago
FRED stuff is so awesome, I agree!
carpfluff5 years ago
how pleasant. a toothpick holder shaped like a person. where can I get one?!
DotatDabbled (author)  carpfluff5 years ago
Fred toothpick holder is here.

they also have a funny knife set called 'the Ex'
Thanks! They work better than voodoo dolls!
eleraama6 years ago
This looks great!

I'm in a Livejournal community called BakeBakeBake, and we *love* marshmallow fondant; I myself used it to make a Watchmen cake (it was my first time working with fondant, and I was suprised at how easy it was)

lol watchmen
canida eleraama6 years ago
Awesome. ;)
DotatDabbled (author)  eleraama6 years ago
That's fabulous! I know, this fondant was great... really made my work easy.
small_satan5 years ago
 I might have missed something...you mentioned not to tuck under on step 8, why is it? I looks fine to me
I just got finished making the cake for my son's 6th birthday party today. Thanks so much for your easy to follow directions! It made the whole process quite enjoyable! Since I couldn't get. A hold of Easter candy in September I just made fondant covered cake balls for the eggs and used fo dant for the spikes. As soon as I figure out how to upload pics I will do so. Thanks again for all your help and mad metta being sent your way!
 I really love these eggs! Did you use some kind of polka-dotting method on the fondant or did you place colored circles on the cake ball eggs? Also, how did you keep the large, fondant spikes on the dragon?
Hi! the fondant is quite pliable especially when warm so I initially covered the egg cake balls w/ one color fondant and then layered the "dots" on top. Make sure you have crisco handy, this helps alot. It's kind of like working with modeling clay. The fondant spikes are worked the same way. I just made little twisted pyramids and spread out the base thinly and then work it together. If you wanted you could easily pull them off. They aren't glued on or anything. Hope this helps! Dots instructions were amazing! Very easy to follow and everything worked perfectly the first time. The reciepe's she links too are amazing! Best tasting fondant I have ever had!

Wow, I totally missed this when you posted it previously.  I'll be linking it at Dabbled.org :)

Oh wow. Thanks Dot!
forget 4 yrs old!  i will be 53 and i'd love to have your fabulous cake on my birthday
mmould035 years ago
Wish I'd found this a couple weeks ago for my son's birthday. Next year, gotcha bookmarked :) Awesome idea and wonderful instructable.
slushy2005 years ago
wow! awesome!
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