Step 2: Preparing the design

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I used GIMP to remove all the horns and the face and lower jaw, then printed off 2 resized images onto the card stock.

These were then cut out, and I worked out where I wanted to cut and where I wanted to fold.
The two side were then glued together at the nose and the general shape and dimensions were worked out.

I used more card to fill the gaps, sticking them in with masking tape.
Wolfess3 years ago
Would using sheets of colored card stock prove any sort of problem for this? I know it's going to be painted, but I'm looking at the materials I've got now and just wanted to be sure before I jump into this.

Your panting job is phenomenal, by the way.
wonderful project. I just have a few questions relating to this instructable.

1. what were the size ratios that you used when you resized the image in the GIMP editing program? further, how did you calculate the measurements for the skull pattern?

2. in place of card stock like you mentioned, would white posterboard work? if poasterboard wouldn't work, what'd be a better material to use?
marshon (author)  sarcosis_machina4 years ago
1. Trial and error, I set the size to print on A4 at the biggest that would all fit on the page. I did measure my own head and then related it to the face on the original drawing.

2. Nope posterboard would be too thick to get the bending and shaping right. I used thin card so that I could get it into shape easily. Once the resin goes on it becomes very strong and stable ready for the other operations.
FrozenIce4 years ago
what is GIMP is it like phoam board???
marshon (author)  FrozenIce4 years ago
No it's an image manipulation program similar to photoshop
D00M994 years ago
Hey there;
I wanted to make one of these for my schools crazy hat day. There are a few problems I have though;
Is there an easier way to create a similar effect with easy to find/use supplies?
Can you post the pictures of the skull and horns as a file that we can download and print onto the cardstock?
And for creating the "bone" texture with Bondo is there a easier way without a dremel? I'm only in 8th grade and I don't think I'm allowed to use any sort of power tool.
marshon (author)  D00M994 years ago
Hiya, I can't post the actual files for dowload since this would be a breach of the original illustrators copyright. However here's the link to his original files. All I did was to erase the bits I didn't want using an image manipulation program, like photoshop.


I'm not sure if the card would be strong enough without the resin, but you could try using a few coats of white school glue (PVA) instead. Should work but will take a long time to dry between coats.

You don't need to use a Dremel, it can all be done using sandpaper, BUT it will take a very long time, and require quite a bit of effort to get a nice finish.
Talk to your craft, or shop teacher and see if you can work it out with them.
Best of luck!
D00M99 marshon4 years ago
Also, my mom is concerned about one thing that I personally can't find the answer to. Does fiberglass resin have fiberglass in it or is it just called fiberglass resin because it's used for fiberglass mats?
marshon (author)  D00M994 years ago
No the actual fibreglass is a seperate sheet of material. The resin is just resin.
D00M99 marshon4 years ago
Thank you very much! And, for sanding is there any other tool other than a dremel that I can use to sand down the Bondo?
marshon (author)  D00M994 years ago
Er, sandpaper and the power of your elbow ....
D00M99 marshon4 years ago
Haha. Thanks again! I can't tell you how appreciative I am of you being able to answer my questions!
D00M99 marshon4 years ago
Thank you!