How to make a Duck tape Laptop computer sleeve / cover

Picture of How to make a Duck tape Laptop computer sleeve / cover
I was in need of a laptop sleeve for my computer but wanted to construct my own. this is how to make one easily on a cheap budget.

1. 2 rolls of duct tape different colours recommended
2. Sharp knife or scissors
3.place for cutting e.g. cutting board
4.laptop for measurement

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Step 1: Duct tape sheet

Picture of duct tape sheet
Take the width and length of your computer
start constructing a duct tape sheet.
a duct tape sheet is made by laying strips of duct tape next to each other adhesive side up with no space between than placing another strip in the middle of those pieces adhesive side down. Repeat this process making sure the length is larger than the computer.

Also when constructing this try alternating the colours of the tape in order to give a nice pattern I used blue and black.

Step 2: Duct tape sheet

Picture of duct tape sheet
make the sheet so it is double the length of the laptop from front to back find the centre strip and reinforce the base for strength.  Once you have made the sheet so it can completely cover the laptop do a couple more strips as a cover / lid for the sleeve, so it over laps the other side.

Step 3: Sides

Picture of sides
to clean up the sides of the duct tape sheet, place a strip of tape on the edges with some adhesive exposed than fold over to give a nice look

Step 4: Sides

Picture of sides
Place your laptop on the sleeve and fold the side so the computer fits snug than remove the computer and tape the sides closed than tape the inside edges of the sleeves also for strength.
I found the top flap became larger than the case as i had folded the sides in so, I trimmed it a little to fit.

Step 5: Lid / cover

Picture of lid / cover
edge the top the same way as the sides to give a nice clean look.
xoDoraKay3 years ago
This is exactly how I made mine, but I layered bubble wrap in between the duct tape fabric for some extra padding. Something to consider (:
innvert (author)  xoDoraKay3 years ago
that's a good idea i might add that in, i couldn't think of a suitable shock absorbent material, thanks
thoraxe3 years ago
Very nice! I'd make one if I already didn't have one :p
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lemonie4 years ago

Nice work, I'd crop IMG_2304.JPG for your main image.

innvert (author)  lemonie4 years ago
thanks for the advice this is my first instruct able.
Hey I wonder if duct tape can stop EMP....