This is a very basic introduction to the art of making a "Duct Tape Double" (DTD), a perfect, form fitting dress makers dummy, for the price of a few rolls of gaffer/ duct/ duck tape. Its a visual guide of a first experimental attempt

This effort stems from Frollard's observation that there wasn't an 'ible for a DTD.

There are many instructions on the web for DTDs, this is the site I saw and used.
There are some truly great model forms out there, made much more tidily than ours.
There are endless possibilities for DTDs, for dressmaking and costuming, for Halloween corpses, special effects etc.

So, here we go. All I used on my very small model was less than a single roll of tape. Your mileage may vary.....

Step 1: Materials.


Person to be copied.

Person to do copying.

SCRAP 'T' shirt - ideally nicely form fitting.

Duct/Gaffer/Duck tape, rolls thereof, to suit person being copied.

Sharpie marker

IDEALLY Lister Bandage scissors are perfect for removing the finished coat of many layers, otherwise a really good pair of sewing scissors and extreme sensitivity to your victim copy's feedback.

Garbage bags, shopping bags, Bagging peanuts to fill form.
we did the same basic thing for a halloween corpse, top and bottom, I got the idea from another instructable but I dont recall the name. I only did a brief explaination in my first Halloween Haunt post. Nicely done "ible"
Thanks. Sorry the pictures aren't well focussed. <br>Steve
My wife did this for a dress making dummy. It works very well.<br><br>Good job!

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