In a land far far away, a single teen girl had nothing to do. With a brother who's very addicted to duct tape, (but he never uses it, explain that!) a duct tape man/woman is all she could think of. Well, here it is.

Note: Duct tape people are not good friends. They do not talk to you, (I'm sure some of you tech wizards could make them talk, though) or drive you places, or most certainly, they do not have money to lend.

Another note: I'm only a little one. Sorry if my instructions or pictures are kind of bad, comments on what I need to improve would be wonderful, or comments on how to make a camera work better. >.< Here we go. Oh, and, reading through this before attempting, if you would attempt it, would be a good idea. Or atleast the last step. Thats important. Sorry about my spelling, too. I tried my best, and lately my right click hasn't been working on firefox. Hmm.

Step 1: Materials

Stuff you need:

-Duct tape. lots of it. Considering I had no plans for what I was gonna do, I used half of 1 45yd roll, 2 more 45yd rolls, and a 55yd roll. All silver for me. Mine wasn't the "duck" brand, because I got it from the local dollar store for $3 each. The 55yd roll was duck brand though, and I noticed the off-brand was much easier to peel off, stuck just as well, and even smelled better. (Don't ask.) If you have an actual use for your duct tape dummy, reinforcements may be needed.

-Cling Wrap. It was Glad clear plastic wrap for me, 200sq ft pack. I didn't use nearly all of it, so you would have plenty left for its real purpose.

-Cutting tool. I used scissors, and a x-acto knife. I couldn't tell you how mad my mom was when she caught me sliding an x-acto knife down my arm to get the tape off, so if you have someone who cares about your protection, I would use scissors. Maybe one of those child-safe ones with the round edges. Or, by all means, take a chainsaw and run it up your arm. Just be careful. Not my fault if you hurt yourself.

-A helping hand. Trusty mom is always perfect, after she cooled down from that knife thing. If your right handed, your right arm will be the hardest to do, and you'll need a helping hand to get the tape off your arm. If your left handed, it will be the left for you. For you ampredexious (spelling fail) fellows, happy day for you. You don't need help.

-Stuffing. Whether it be pillows, old sheets, towels, rags, or your little brother (not recommended) you need to fill the duct people. I used a pillow for the chest, and random sheets for the arms and legs.

-Cardboard. very little cardboard is needed, for the head. I used an old Zoo York shoe box, from my new shoes, and it worked fine. Heck, you don't even need cardboard, if your okay with wrapping your head in stuff and ripping out all your hair and not breathing...yeah, I'd used the cardboard.

-Food. I'll explain later. Optional, of course.

-Skin. If you don't have this with you at all times, well...I wouldn't be surfing Instructables, I would go to the doctor. Now.

-Patience. For pretty much anything you do, you need patience.

-Music. Resist insanity.
I don't want to know the possible uses for this thing.
Ha ha1 This is GREAT! I could really scare my lil sis with this! *evil cackle* lol
If it was not already stated, this duct tape dummies are -crazy- useful for sewing patterns! <br /> <br /> Make two. Draw seam lines on one, cut it up and trace patterns for it (I guess you could retape it to avoid making another one, but it'd probably be all lumpy). Stuff the other and use it as a model to make sure your custom-tailored stuff will fit you. <br /> <br /> You can also jam needles and pins into your dummy to help out with getting the hems and fitting right without any ill effect :3
I love it. Keep up the good work! :D
Thanks for the feedback :)&nbsp;
buy a plastic skeleton around the day after halloween on sale, make a new one with the bones inside.
also the mask in the last picture makes it look creepy,. haha
This is definitely cool in some way (not really sure which) - any plans to abandon it in the woods? L
That would actually be genius since i have a field with quite a few trees right behide my house. <3 texas. Now that dove season started, everyones out there..with a few blood packets and some skin color spraypaint..>_> maybe it isn't the smartest thing.
I was thinking of space-aliens. L
Haha, That would be really odd. Crop circle time :D
Fun in an oddly erogenous sort of way...

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