Picture of How to make a Duct Tape Hat
How to create a Duct Tape hat out of, you guessed it, Duct Tape! Using only Duct Tape, Tin Foil, Scissors, X-acto blade or knife, a marker, and a hat, you too can have a hat made out of that wonderful product, Duct Tape!

Step 1: Supplies & Getting Ready

Picture of Supplies & Getting Ready
Supplies that you will need include:
Duct Tape
A Hat
A pair of Scissors and a knife
A roll of Tin Foil
a Marker (Washable, and very light color

Make your workspace clear and free of things such as lint or eraser bits. You will need some room. Set down a thing of newspapers so that you don't cut your surface or anything.

Don't cut yourself. Ever. EVAR! Simple enough. If you cut your finger off, it's your own fault.
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Why would you use a hat to make a hat?
y2leon4 years ago
Nice job, now I can wrap it up with some cheap faux leather and... LISTO!
armorlord4 years ago
Pretty nice hat... But the design can be improved... how about using different colored tape for stylish designs?

I also found this website, http://tapedcoats.zxq.net/ , that sells awesome duct tape products.. You've never seen anything like this, check them out!
lucek5 years ago
a store round here sells 24"X24" duck tape patches. could be a better starting material.
kibbler lucek5 years ago
Wow really??? where???
lucek kibbler5 years ago
if you know ocean state job lot that's where I've seen it.
instrct5 years ago
nice tutorial. how long did it take tyou to make these? how many rolls? btw i found a similar thing on tapedcoats.zxq.net
lobo_pal6 years ago
Two things, one there is a really good pic. sequence for making a duct tape sheet on the duct tape book cover instructable. Second, besides looking cool, yes I think duct tape hats are cool, why would you need a duct tape hat if you have a hat already?
Wills42 (author)  lobo_pal6 years ago
Well you see... um.. herm... uh, yeah... ur.... LOOK BEHIND YOU! *Run away*
*Chase down* *Tie with duct tape from hat*
Haha *Pokes duct taped Wills42 with a pointy stick* :P
Just poking, where's your duct tape spirit.
Its... Uh... LOOK HES GETTING AWAY! *Duct tapes lobo_pal to Wills42*


*Pokes some more*
*Uses telekinesis to throw cornflaker into the wall, and free himself. Keeps hitting against the wall with mind power*
*Uses pyrokinesis to thwart lobo_pal's plan, accidently melts all of the duct tape... :(* *Pokes some more with now burning stick*
*Uses cryokinesis to stop the fire and freeze everyone else in the room. Pokes with stick and accidentally shatters them, oops*
*Remains un-shattered waiting for the lobo_pal's cryokinesis outburst to end hoping he forgets to poke me* *Wonders if lobo_pal will use his new ability to bring the duct tape back*
*Wraps cornflaker in duct tape to make a full body cast, then keeps wrapping until it is a duct tape coffin. Then buries cornflake.
*Reluctantly uses pyrokinesis again to completely melt the duct tape coffin, then realises lobopal was using cryokinesis not chronokinesis...* *Uses chronokinesis to go back before lobo_pal gets away... Grabs a bigger stick on the way...*
*Unfortunately doesn't realize that chronokinesis ripped the dimension, and caused a black hole to appear near Earth, everyone dies.*
*A piece of duct tape blocks the black hole and prevents the rest of the universe from being sucked in... Hurray For Duct Tape! :D ... Hmm you know this white nothingness isn't tooo bad...*
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Haven't we all lol
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sharlston6 years ago
tats cool what about black then it would look cool as hell :)
im prreetty sure hell isnt cool................dunce bucket
wow that's what i was going to say.
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