Step 7: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up
Now just duct tape the brim to the top of the hat, and there ya go! Your own super cool duct tape hat. Mine turned out more like a cowboy style, than bucket style like the original hat. I'm sure you can do better, in fact, I'd like to see your hat, if you decide to make one. Just post it in the comments.
I spent a little under 3 hours making this, but that's only because other stuff was happening, but hey.

I'll make another, much better looking hat sometime in the future. Right now I'm working on another project, Duct Tape Armor. Don't ask, it will probably be an instructable, depends on if I have time. Anyways, hope you have as much fun making a hat as I did. And don't forget to comment or rate my creation. Thanks a bunch, and also, if you have anything that I should add, or could have done better, just tell me.

Alrighty Then.
y2leon4 years ago
Nice job, now I can wrap it up with some cheap faux leather and... LISTO!
xuinkrbin.6 years ago
Any thoughts on how to make a duct tape whip to go with it? That would be awesome!