How to make a Duct Tape Suit ( pants, vest, top hat, rose).

Picture of How to make a Duct Tape Suit ( pants, vest, top hat, rose).
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Shopping for Clothes?  Why spend $30 on a pair of pants when you can make an outfit out of duct tape for less?
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Step 1: Materials

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You will need: scissors, about 5 1/2  rolls (462ft) of duct tape, a pipe cleaner, and a large smooth surface that you can tape to.

Step 2: Pant legs

Picture of Pant legs
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For the pants you will need to start by measuring the length and width of you leg. I did my pant legs in one piece so measure around the thickest part of your leg. Once you get the measurements add on a few inches to the measurement around your leg to make sure that the pant leg is at least a little bit baggy on your leg after you make it. After you've done that you can get started on making the pants. First, take a strip of duct tape about as long as the measurement you took for your leg length and stick it sticky side down as you can imagine to your smooth surface. Then, take a piece of duct tape the same length and stick down overlapping the first strip and just repeat  that process until it is about the measurement you took for around the thickest part of your leg.  Next,  rip it up from the surface carefully so that you don't wrinkle the duct tape and lay it back down sticky side up. Then, rip off some more tape and repeat what you just did only this time you stick the tape to it's self to make a slab  of no sticky showing duct tape. Finally, take your slab and wrap it around your leg like a tube and then tape it where it meets it's self in the back of your leg. Repeat this twice for two pant legs.
bjazz444 years ago
Very good!
Jozy (author) 4 years ago
dispite how long some of the passages are it's really rather simple to do this project if you have a good productive imagination