step by step: how to make a bag out of duct tape! This is the simple, plain version. 
You Will Need:
- ruler
- any color roll of duct tape
- razor/x-acto knife/scissors 

Step 1:

measure a 10 in. strip of duct tape. measure out another strip, same length, and place it directly on top of your first piece. the strips should be laid sticky side to sticky side. 
<p>how can I make a diaper bag with duct tape? I have been searching for the directions for it but couldn't find it. and I have the colors that I am looking at but haven't gotten them yet. can you please message me and let me know what website I can find it please and thank you. </p>
its cool bag. now i got my pieces now the thing is how to put it together. need to show how to put it together step by step. thats were im stuck @ now
you have to take the big sheet of duck tape and the 2 10 inch strips of tape and tape them together, then you take the long strip of tape and stick it at the top last you take the other long sheet of tape and tape it to the piece of tape you just stuck on. <br>
how do u make it with 2 colors?
You could do it in two ways. You could alternate the colours of the 10 cm strips or stick tape over the top when you're finished.
do u stick it on the other side to make no sticky sides like in step 1 or do u leave it sticky?<br>
Step two is very hard with Polly steco tape
what are the measurements for the bag? like width and length
Very good, I made one of these last year and it is still surviving. I did mine slighty different, I created one massive sheet then the flaps and stuck it on. Works very well.
Very good idea.
Very nice. Good job!

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