I made this for a cosplay i was doing of a Vocaloid's brother his name was Taito Shion.....and the reason way i cosplayed as a boy was because some of the girls dress.....weird...

Anyway...lets start! :3

P.S the pictures of the vocaloids are from Zerochan.com

Step 1: Cut

You are going to need to cut a peace of felt that is like a rectangle and than you are going to fold it.

Step 2: Sew

now you are going to sew the sides but don't cut the thread! you can use it to sew on the part you use to put over your head :)

Step 3: Do the Same

now just do the same as you did to the first one, just use some fabric for the straps :3 i used for mines was a old t-shirt x)

Step 4: Done! YAY!

and now...........We Are Done! now just put it on and see if it's a good fit! also i made so far.....3 of these because i keep on loseing them...but I hope you like it

peace out~
( ^.^)
<p>I made It It Was Perfect!</p>
<p>Looking good! :D</p>
<p>good for cosplaying rikka takanashi</p>
I will consider using this idea to make a Ciel Phantomhive cosplay.
Nice project. I think it would be great if you put a picture of your eyepatch first :)
+1 <br> <br>Being worn!
Now i posted a picture.
Awesome! It looks great!
thank you ^-^
That's cool - how about moving it to be first, then everybody sees it in the the thumbnails?
Hmm....I guess that would be a better way, thanks.
yeah i didn't really have a picture of me wearing it at that time but now i do.

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