Picture of How to make a 'Fab Bag'
This is how to make a fabric lined bag 'Fab Bag' that can be used as a desk tidy for pens, pencils etc. or as a multi purpose bag. The bags can be made in any size, any fabric or can be knitted. They are fab as gifts.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
The materials and tools you will need are:

Fabric for the bag and fabric for the lining. This can be recycled fabric from an old garment.
Tape or ribbon for tying.
Piece of iron on interfacing (optional, but it helps to strengthen the base)
Tape measure
Charm (Optional)

Step 2: Cutting out the pieces

Picture of Cutting out the pieces
Decide on the size of the base of the bag. For this bag we cut out a 13cm square. We also cut an identical square in the lining fabric and one in the iron on interfacing.

Decide on the height of your bag plus the turn down. Our bag's height is 26cms plus a turn down of 10cms. Total 36cms.

The fabric needed is determined by the size of the base. Ours measures 13cms square so we needed 13cms x 4 (the square has four sides) =52cms

The fabric needed is 52cms by 36cms.

The outside pocket is optional. Ours is 13cms x 16cms (4cms is the facing)
The loop for a charm again is optional. Ours measures 4cms x 8cms

The tape measures 90cms (this depends on how long you want the tie)

Step 3: Ironing on the interfacing to the bag base

Picture of Ironing on the interfacing to the bag base
Iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of the main bag fabric base.

Step 4: Making the pocket

Picture of Making the pocket
Turn down the pocket facing of 4cms. Stitch down both sides as shown.

Turn through as shown.

Use the point of a pair of scissors to push out the pocket corners. Take care not to push too hard or you will cut the stitching.

Press the seams on the three sides as shown. This makes sewing the pocket down on the bag much easier.

Decide where you would like a pocket on the main fabric of the bag. Pin and sew.

Step 5: Attaching the loop and tie

Picture of Attaching the loop and tie
To make the loop fold the loop fabric in half and sew. Turn through. Place the tape and loop fabric between the seam of the main fabric and sew. Turn through as shown.
tonyswaby5 years ago
What I fantastic idea it could take over the world...I want a Fab-bag!
FeakyMe5 years ago
Absolutely FABULOUS. I am going to make one of your 'Fab Bags' today. I will let you know how I get on. :)