Picture of How to make a Fab Lab with only $4.10
Almost a year ago, I had an idea for project RE_ which was going to need a lot of 3D printing. Unfortunatly, I didn't have access to a 3D printer. I'm in a design school and we don't even have access to a 3D printer!? We have one, yes, but it is locked in a basement and can only be used my master students (who don't even care about it)
I started looking for Fab labs and Makerspaces around Montreal, but none was really functional. 

SO : Here is how, I created a scholar Fablab in only a few months. 

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Step 1: 1- Get sponsored

Picture of 1- Get sponsored
A lot of companies give sponsorship. All sort of sponsorships. Even Instructables!

This was my first step. When Randofo told me about the Instrutables Sponsorship, I was amazed by the opportunity. All they asked for was 10 step by step Instructables created by a group of individuals and published into an guide on Instructables to get a chance to get one of these :

-a CNC rooter
-A 3D printer  ;)
-An industrial sewing machine
-An electronics package
-An A/V package

(we didn't have any of these at school)

We are 65 students in my class at UdeM, it was going to be very easy to get 10 Instructables out of them.
Well... it wasn't.
After sending a lot of motivation e-mails to the class, I finally started to receive some post from collegues.
They were all good enough to be featured on the FRONT PAGE of Instructables, which started to motivate the crowed to follow the movement.

My favourites :

Somehow, we finally got the sponsorship : an UP! PP3DP called Clementine. 
(the truth is... I didn't tell the class about the CNC and sewing machine)

galeb2 years ago
The idea of sponsorship is good, but what is the way to make a fab lab for only $4.10, I see nothing in the instructable about anything but getting a sponsorship.
thekendall2 years ago
Wow! I didn't even know that instructables offered a sponsorship! When asked eric (founder) he told me that there were contests that we could try to win. Never about the sponsorship how weird... maybe it wasn't out then.
We launched Sponsorship at the end of January, so, it's a relatively new thing for us. Check it out
Mr. Noack2 years ago
Thanks a million for this post. I stumbled upon it a week before the application deadline and just last week I was notified that the animation class I teach is being sponsored with an UP 3D printer!


Keep up the great work.
Samuel Bernier (author)  Mr. Noack2 years ago
Awesome! Great news!
im37332 years ago
You can also use one or both of your printers to print the parts for a RepRap or similar printer.

Then all you need to purchase is the metal posts and electronics (costs more than $4.10, but still less than a full blown 3d printer.)
pantalone2 years ago
Great job, Sam! I really admire your initiative.
Lindie2 years ago
Nice story! Nice that you made the effort! Nice that instructables helped!
Everything's nice!
Jayefuu2 years ago
Nice story Sam! I'm currently in the process of thinking about setting up a maker space where I just moved to. Will definitely be taking advantage of the sponsorship offer once I find some people to get involved.