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Introduction: Mini Loom Fishtail Bracelet

This is my favorite way to make a fishtail bracelet. Using a mini loom is more comfortable to use than manipulating the whole loom. At least while making a fishtail bracelet. Its super easy!!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

- You need a Rainbow Loom hook (yellow thing) or a crochet hook

- A Mini Loom (blue thing)

- Bands

Step 2: Add Two Eights

1) Take your first band, make an eight, and put it on the Mini Loom.

2) Then take your second band, make an eight, and put it on the Mini Loom.

Step 3: Put a Band on Regularly

Put a band on the Mini Loom regularly.

Step 4: Bring Up the Bottom Band

1) Hook the bottom band on either side and bring it up to the top.

2) Hook the bottom band on the opposite side and bring it up to the top.

Step 5: Add a Band and Bring Up the Bottom Band Again

1) Add a band regularly

2) Bring up the bottom band on both sides

Step 6: Repeat Until You Have Your Desired Length

You can either have the bracelet go through the loom or make it on the outside.

Step 7: Hook the End

1) Put the hook through top band and take it off the Loom.

2) Pull out the extra two bands sticking out (picture 3).

2) Then hook it with a "C" clip or any other rainbow loom clip.

Step 8: Finish It!

Hook the last end and you are done!
I made a tiny version because I'm lazy. Thanks for reading and tell me how I did!



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    you dont do the number 8 twice its just once.

    But other then that i think you did just alright

    Awesome it was easier than i thought it would be!