How to make a Flash Bang (Flash grenade)

Picture of How to make a Flash Bang (Flash grenade)
this instructable will teach you how to make a quick and easy Flash Bang.
this was not my idea, i found it on youtube.
WARNING: while using a Flash Grenade, it is a very good idea to wear non-flammable gloves, and sunglasses.
DISCLAIMER: If you end up hurting yourself or others or setting something on fire, then I take no responsibility for it.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
What you need:
Two cigarette lighters, (a small bic one is fine)
the other one is to heat the flint up.
Gloves (optional)
Sunglasses (optional)

Step 2: Destruction!

Picture of Destruction!
Pic 1: take the bic lighter and the pliers, then push the plier into the hole where the flame comes out, then pull of the metal covering.
It should look like the second picture.

Step 3: The barrel

Picture of the barrel
once again using the pliers, slowly pull the barrel off. there is a flint with a spring under it and the flint will shoot out, so be careful, because the flint is the most important part.

Step 4: The Flash itself

Now the flint and the spring will be revealed.
Strech the spring so its relatively long, then wrap it around the flint.
CAUTION: make sure that the flint is very secure in the spring so that when you pull your arm back to throw it you don't end up setting your pants on fire.
jlee1705 months ago
That's simple, all right, but it works more like a firecracker. I was looking for something more explosive. Lame in my way, cool in others. Nice firecracker, bro.
redman881 year ago
only thing i have to say about this is Gloves and Sunglasses are not optional.
To download Go to the last page and click the ''flash video.wmv''
kevl34 years ago
Hey just wondering if you did hold it in your hand or threw it late would you get burnt. Does it burn at a high temp or does it just burn bright?
~Aeronous~ (author)  kevl34 years ago
its very hot so you would burn yourself, but the flash is not timed, say you held it on the spring for a while, it would just cool down and go grey, it explodes on impact.
really? never knew that
BOXHARD kevl34 years ago
 Mg and compounds containing it can easily reach temperatures of over 2,000 - 2,500 degrees F... 

Yeah, it's hot. 

I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS AT ALL. This is very dangerous in that as the Mg deflagralates there is a great potential for extremely hot particles (or sparks) to destroy your eyes... even with glasses, it may manage to fall behind them and it will stick to and burn flesh on contact...

If you are interested in building Flash Bangs, please use a safer alternative where a control distance may be maintained. 

Mg and Potassium Perchlorate for instance makes a terrific flash bang, dangerous? - YES, but it can be initiated from a safe distance.

NEVER IGNITE EXPERIMENTAL EXPLOSIVES / FIRE WORKS / ETC in your hand, under handed toss or not. DON'T DO IT.

Incidently, the mixture I reffered to above is similar to what I was playing with in my profile picture, and that was only a couple grams.

Raydoom BOXHARD2 years ago
boxhard, how did you get your hands on KClO4 , its the only chemical i cant get in australia ,ive got every dam chemical for adding colour to compositions but i dont have the all important pottassium perchlorate only KNO3 which is useless for colour .... great store for chemicals

What is with all these NEW people commenting here? Where's the long term members? What if it explodes? As well as burns bright? Email me when your first instructable is uploaded. (can not subscribe left right and centre) Question, anybody turned out an Instructable on building an Atomic Bomb yet? Anybody working on such an instructable? Even in their dreams? Think about this, the brainier and smarter the people on this planet get, the more ways we find to destroy all life on this planet, and also each idea is faster than yesterdays idea. And the USA Defence Department want such ideas to be cost effective too. Imagine the aliens sitting back, watching us, and laughing their heads off at our stupidity. They got nothing too worry about, we will destroy ourselves, long before we ever become any threat to them.
If you are so clever then you do it seeing as you appear to think that you know everything even though you quite obviously don't. Atomic bombs are a thing of the past. all you need now is a knowledge of computer programming/hacking, internet access and the correct codes to make all hell break loose by turning your enemies' technology against them. you can even turn missiles back towards their launchers by interfering with guidance systems. in short , we need instructables on how to hack into networks rather than how to build nuclear weapons
~Aeronous~ (author)  _Scratch_4 years ago

Is that all you can say? Seems you are a man of VERY few words. Just ONE

Gravity Bombs as I know them, come down that fast, they go deep into the ground, and destroy underground bunkers. Like in the last Irga war.

WW2, the British One Ton bomb did the same, they could go through metres of concrete and just one or twocould write off one of the U-boat shelters in France, after months of conventional bombing hard dented them. They were designed by the same guy, who did the spinning bombs used by the DAM Busters.

He was more like an accountant/bomb designer, his bombs were cost effective in resources and lives.

Hey, he was a Aspie too.

Maybe one gravity bomb can go so deep, as to split this planet in half, then we find all the people and countries fighting each other, spilt up opposing sides, give each side their own half planet. The few of us left over, can go off to the moon, and watch the two half planets nuke each other to extinction. Problem solved.

We all lived happily ever after.

Remind me if you done any other project yet?

BTY, just welcoming a new Aspie over on the 10 good traits of a Aspie forum topic.

As for me, I keep falling over, a cop I know saw me, stopped to ask why, it looked like I was drunk, he knew I have never boozed in my life. Anyway, saw a neurologist yesterday, he told me to stand at attention (I could only barely) and shut my eyes.

I went to the right, corrected for that, then he caught me before I hit the ground on my left side.

Ergo, going to get another ride thru the CT scanner soon. My head. Only my feet left to scanned after that.

Try that test on yourself. (just in case, make sure you dont hit something on the way down) My GP or MD, tried every test they knew, none made fall as fast as that. in fact, i did not fall.

Anyway, the CT scanner is only the second most relaxing place for me in the THIS world, the best place for relaxing in THIS whole world is my dentists chair. I am very bad at looking after my teeth, yet the dentist says, I got lost less fillings than most people of my age, and there has been no drilling rig inside my mouth for years

Well, that shows one thing works okay still, my teeth.

~Aeronous~ (author)  Lateral Thinker4 years ago
 oh. I had no idea gravity bombs existed. xD
Actually, I  was  thinking of a miniature black hole.... =P

--Future of cars is in nuclear power!-- Elec.Nub
Needler1231 year ago
not sure
frikkie1 year ago
I am gonna try this.But im going to take an empty can,then fit a pull-pin detenator with fuse.Then at the one section a ping pong ball,thats gona make a hot flame,that should ignite the flint.
dkim102 years ago
How can I download that video??
SFXguy2 years ago
hey dude you know that you can buy bout 20 flint in flint packs to refill zippos
and you can buy springs anywhere.

and also coat the flint in the lighter fuel to give it a quicker heating time

try tossing them on top of coals they heat up, glow, then explode
this is cool and not as dangerous as everybody says
~Aeronous~ (author) 4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Becuase usage of this instructable can maim people for life, and damage property, and similar ideas have already done so, I for one don't think it is appropriate to have here, few people would be brave enough to tell you that, so thats your answer to,

"How come no ones commenting?"

Despite your warnings and disclaimers, when somebody does get hurt by use of your instructable, you will still be morally responsible if not legally responsible.

Could you live with yourself, knowing somebody has been maimed for life?''

I note this is your first attempt, I suggest you can do a lot better, with a more appropriate topic, and I will watch out for it, in case you deserve a lot nicer comment than this one.

Have a great day.
How could he be morally and legally responsible? The question focuses more-so on the latter. You can go anywhere on the internet for information on how to do any number of things, but the reader makes the decision on whether or not to use the information in a positive or negative way.

It seems to me that there is a difference between informing and "putting the gun in the hand, loading, cocking, and aiming it", so to speak.

Furthermore, if the reader is dumb enough to attempt something dangerous with a disclaimer, then why should Visper feel bad if they maim themselves?
it depends on if you have a conscience mate, how would you feel in your own mind?
But that only would go as far as morally responsible.
morally responsible >>>>>>>if not legally<<<<<<<<<
I'm still a bit lost here, or perhaps you are. How could he considered legally responsible for this? I get the morally, and I don't agree with it, but that's moot as of now. In what way could he possibly be legally responsible?
He said he wasn't legally responsible but most would find themselves morally guilty if someone was harmed.
Actually he said morally, if not legally.
Actually my English meant, if he was not HELD legally responsible, he would still in his own mind be morally responsible.

Stop flogging a dead horse Skate, in my mind, Visper has more common sense than you because he understood what I meant first go.

He is from Auz, I am from NZ, and its you jokers whom bombed Japan with the first A-bomb, when Japan were goners already, in affect, your people PLAYED with the biggest most destructive bomb ever, just to see what it could do. All that was needed to end the war, was to blockade Japan until they decided to surrender, no invasion was needed at all.

The USA itself decided it was legal to drop the bomb on civil ins, babies, 5-years olds, 10-year olds, but still a lot of your citizens decided they (The USA) were morally responsible, and more than one nuclear scientist felt so bad about the number of civilians babies and kids killed, that they killed themselves in remorse, holding themselves morally responsibly, if not legally responsible.
~Aeronous~ (author)  Lateral Thinker4 years ago
hey, I'm not australian, i just live here. I'm actually from London.
~Aeronous~ (author)  ~Aeronous~4 years ago
Oh and I'm not 15, I am 11, but to have an account you need to be over 14.
good for you i'm 12 and from gloucester which unless you have a brain you will never have heard of. but since you do have a brain why don't we fight this control freak together.
~Aeronous~ (author)  uberzombiebob3 years ago
Haha, Gloucester in England, I AM from england, and I do have a brain, and that was one year ago, and I am 12, and he has aspergers syndrome, and I made friends with him, and we settled on the argument, and he managed to persuade me to post a christmas tree.
I am also the Instructables Robot, you just in effect, pleaded guilty. The process now is that you kindly resign. Its kids like you, trying to sign up for the Army, at the beginning of WW2 by understating your age, that got the world into the mess it is today. Come over to the Aspie forum, we are discussing dust explosions.
~Aeronous~ (author)  Lateral Thinker4 years ago
I don't want to be in the army though
No way will they have you, if you tell them you enjoy making bombs, the Army is all about peace keeping now. But, the Army just said this morning, if they have to keep the peace in school play grounds, then the Air Force had better reactivate our Skyhawk squadron in case the Army has to withdraw and RUN for their sanity. :-) NZ, due to normal wear and tear, (training crashes) NZ bought up all the Auz Skyhawks when Auz got rid of their one Aircraft carrier Sydney, luckily they were the same model and era. Now NZ is trying to sell them, but the USA has to approve the buyer of '60s technology.
Dude, what's your problem? It's just a project and the reader should know that when there's a disclaimer, you could possibly get hurt . Why should the author have moral responsibility? And most people do know what a conscience is. Fewer people, though, have what is called common sense. Common sense is necessary when starting any sort of project, as it alerts you to the obvious dangers of said project.
Hey Mate, its an old topic, Visper and me became mates. But it does a pear that you go around looking for ways to make trouble. Over and out
not to bring up an old topic, but it's spelled appear, not a pear.

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